They will reinforce security at CinemaCon after the incident with Olivia Wilde

Organizers and managers of CinemaCon have been forced to reassess their security protocols after what happened with Olivia Wilde. The now filmmaker appeared at the event to reveal the first images of her first film Don’t Worry Darling. While on stage she received a manila envelope containing legal documents regarding the custody of her children.

Wilde was in the midst of presenting his film when a man approached the stage and handed him an envelope. It contained the words “personal and confidential” and at the time she thought it was perhaps a script. “This is too mysterious, I think I’ll open it now,” she said. However, after verifying its content, the former Dr. House actress simply continued with the presentation and did not refer to what she had in her hands again.

The networks did not let the moment pass and a day later the media confirmed that it was a notification by the lawyers of his ex-partner Jason Sudeikis. The confidential content was a lawsuit for the custody of their children.

The incident has caused, in addition to much controversy, a conversation about the questionable security that existed during the event. The organizers admitted with Variety that a review of its security protocols is necessary. According to the same medium, the man who delivered the envelope to Olivia Wilde was a person accredited by CinemaCon.

“To protect the integrity of our studio partners and talent, we will be reevaluating our security protocols,” said Mitch Neuhauser, NATO managing director and head of CinemaCon. “We will act accordingly because it is the right thing to do. We want to do the right and safe thing.”

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde shared a love relationship for several years until its termination in 2020. Although they never got married, they did have two children who are now the bone of contention in the midst of a legal battle for their custody.

“Documents were drawn up to establish jurisdiction in relation to the children of Ms. Wilde and Mr. Sudeikis,” a source told Variety. “Mr Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of the time or place the envelope would have been delivered as this would be solely up to the litigation services company involved and he would never approve of it being delivered to him in such an inappropriate manner.”

However, some rumors on social networks have revealed that Wilde had tried by all means to avoid being contacted by her ex-partner’s lawyers. Reason perhaps why she was notified in such a way, during a public event.

Despite the innocent presentation of Don’t Worry Darlingachieved its mission. Wilde’s psychological horror film is on everyone’s lips thanks to its protagonists Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. But especially because of the images presented during the event, where the duo is said to share scenes of highly provocative sexual content.

Wilde said that his film “is a love letter” to those films that are beyond our imagination. tapes such as The Matrix, inception Y The Truman Showwhich he cited as main inspirations. Don’t Worry Darling It will be released in September 2022.

The entry Security will be tightened at CinemaCon after the incident with Olivia Wilde was first published in Cine PREMIERE.

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