They prepare series of Giants of steel in Disney Plus


Ten years after the original film, a television series of Steel giants is currently under development.

In the 2011 film we met Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) a former boxer who, with the support of his son, decides to venture into the popular robot fights. And over the course of a decade, perhaps what many fans have been waiting for is news of a sequel. But with the rise of streaming, a show does not seem like a bad idea for Disney to expand that science fiction universe. excited?

For now, rest assured that the director of the original film will be involved. According to dead line, shawn levy will command the upcoming program through his company 21 Laps Entertainment. Specifically, he will serve as executive producer, in complicity with Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Jacqueline Levine, Susan Montford and Don Murphy. At the moment, it is unknown if Levy will also occupy the directing chair.

The series will debut exclusively on Disney Plus. On the other hand, we know nothing about the number of episodes or the plot. Will it be a prequel or sequel to Steel giants? Or a spinoff? We will have to wait to find out. Currently the House of the Mouse is looking for the scriptwriter to establish the bases of the project.

The 2011 film was written by John Gatins (The flight), from the story «Steel» by Richard Matheson, published in 1956. It received mixed reviews and did not perform well at the box office, grossing $299 million at the global box office, over its $110 million budget. However, its impeccable visual effects earned it an Oscar nomination at the 84th Academy Awards. The statuette for Best Visual Effects finally fell to The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

As recently as August of last year, Shawn Levy claimed that he and Hugh Jackman were still in talks about a sequel for Reel Steel (original title of the film).

“We have never stopped feeling love for Reel Steel, and it’s almost as if the volume has increased. Hugh and I were literally together last week talking about it. So I would never say never about that, a sequel to Reel Steel “, declared the filmmaker (via ScreenRant).

Furthermore, Levy would not rule out reuniting Jackman with Ryan Reynolds —whom he recently directed in FreeGuy— in that possible continuation.

“I’m Hugh’s friend. I’m Ryan’s friend. I’ll put them together. Whether in Steel giants Or in another movie. I will be directing those two amazing guys and dear friends in a movie together.”

the series of Steel giants It does not yet have a release date.

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