There will be season 2 of A Strange Enemy, with Daniel Giménez Cacho


“October 2, haven’t you forgotten?” was the plot root of the first season of the series A strange enemy (2018), directed by Gabriel Ripstein (600 miles) and starring Daniel Gimenez Cacho. Amazon Prime Video announces the completion of season 2, but now to narrate part of what happened in the 1971 Halconazo.

What is the second season about?

From the first season, A strange enemy has portrayed part of political life and social and student movements in Mexico during the first half of the 70s. If season 1 narrated the circumstances under which the events of October 2, 1968 took place, in season 2 we will take a tour of Luis Echeverría’s six-year term, but paying special attention to the Corpus Thursday Massacre “El Halconazo” from a broader perspective that involves the interests of many players including politicians, businessmen, institutions and civil society itself.

«Fernando Barrientos (Giménez Cacho) is devastated, the death of his son is a blow like he has never received. His family life has been pulverized and in his new position as Undersecretary of the Interior, he is unable to carry out his responsibilities. Complicating things even more, Barrientos and the new president Luis Echeverría have serious differences regarding the country’s security policy.

“Barrientos hopes that the president will fulfill his promise to promote him to Secretary of the Interior and thus make him ‘presidential’, but feeling betrayed and seeing that he will never obtain power through the traditional and visible way of politics, Barrientos will reactivate and pursue the power from the place he knows best: from the shadows in which those who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty operate.

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In addition to Daniel Gimenez Cacho, A strange enemy has the participation of Antonio de la Vega placeholder image (Luis Echeverría), Karina Gidi (Esperanza Barrientos), Pedro de Tavira (Armando Barrientos), Andrés Delgado (David), Kristyan ferrer (Beto), Roberto Duarte (Miguel Navarro), Alex Cox (Winston Scott) and Paulina Dávila (Rosa Luz Alegría).

“I am very excited to continue this story that now spans the first half of the 1970s, a turbulent period that forever marked the identity and life of our country. This season the plots expand and intertwine and, along with many of the characters we already know, new players are added who amplify the scale and ambition of the project, ”said series director, producer and writer Gabriel Ripstein.


Daniel Giménez Cacho A Strange Enemy Season 2
Source: Amazon Prime Video
Source: Amazon Prime Video
Source: Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 of A strange enemy It will be playable on Amazon Prime Video sometime in 2022.

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