There will be a sequel series to Blade Runner 2049, located 50 years later


In the fall of 2021, prolific filmmaker Ridley Scott confirmed that the replicant universe—which he first brought to the big screen in 1982—would be expanded through a new television series. He was talking that it would be an initial run of a maximum of ten episodes, and that there was even a pilot script, as well as a bible of the complete show. However, nothing was said about exactly what link it would have with the previous films… But now, there are reports that this project will serve as a sequel to blade runner 2049the 2017 feature film directed by Denis Villeneuve.

According to dead linethe upcoming series live action It has the shelter of Amazon Studios and the intervention of Ridley Scott, who will act as executive producer. And he could even occupy the director’s chair, depending on how the project evolves. For now, the company is currently contemplating possible production dates and mobilizing all its machinery to have the scripts ready.

The show will be set fifty years after the events of blade runner 2049. In fact, it will be titled blade runner 2099. Alcon Entertainment, a company that has owned the rights to the iconic franchise since 2011, is obviously also involved in the production. silka louisshowrunner from the series Shining Girls with Elisabeth Moss—is credited as screenwriter and executive producer.

blade runner 2099 will be the first show of the franchise in format live action. In the television field, only in 2021 did it see the light Blade Runner: Black Lotus, a Crunchyroll and Adult Swim co-production. It is an animated series (available on HBO Max Latin America) that is set in the year 2032, Los Angeles, and follows the story of a replicant woman with an unknown objective. The original voice of the protagonist corresponds to Jessica Henwick, who comes from participating in the film Matrix Resurrections.

Concerning 2099, information about its characters or history is not yet revealed, beyond its temporality. In any case, we can anticipate that it will be a great bet for Amazon Studios in the unstoppable war of the streaming. To attract its subscribers, the Prime Video platform has chosen to put fantasy and science fiction productions first; therefore, nothing better than showing off such an iconic title as bladerunner among its original contents. And to this is added the future series The Rings of Power from Amazon, which is also aimed at countless fans around the world; in this case, lovers of the epic universe of The Lord of the rings.

The sequel series of bladerunner It is not the only television project —currently in development— that starts from a cinematographic universe generated by Ridley Scott. Also highlights the show Alienannounced in December 2020, same as Noah Hawley (Fargo) will command for the FX chain.

the eighties tape bladerunner is currently available in the HBO Max Latin America catalog. For its part, the sequel blade runner 2049 You will find it within the contents of Netflix Latin America.

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