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The Worst Person in the World (the worst person in the world), written and directed by Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier, has been quite a phenomenon, since 2021, thanks to two factors: the first corresponds to the exercise that its director does to weave a bittersweet romantic comedy that perfectly captures the emotional crisis that surrounds the thirtysomething; the second even more vital thanks to the leading performance of Renate Reinsve. Its premiere in Mexico is approaching and it is thanks to Cine CANÍBAL that we will be able to enjoy it on the big screen.

Release date in Mexico the worst person in the world

Acclaimed by critics and the public, the worst person in the world It will have its theatrical release in Mexico on March 17, 2022.

“This is one of our favourites. Prepare to fall in love with the worst person in the world nominated for 2 Oscars and winner for Best Actress at Cannes. March 17, only in theaters.

What is it about?

“Julie is turning thirty and her life is an existential mess. She has already wasted some of her talent and hers her boyfriend Ella’s Aksel, a successful graphic novelist older than her, pressures her to contain her creative energy and settle her head. One night she crashes a party and she meets the young and charming Eivind. It doesn’t take long for her to break up with Aksel and embark on a new relationship in the hope that her life will gain a new perspective. However, she will have to realize that it is already too late for certain vital options », (via).

Regarding the emotional vicissitudes suffered by Julie, the character of Renate Reinsve, the actress spoke about it during an exclusive interview with VOGUEwhere he even mentioned certain parallels linked to the confinement due to the pandemic:

“Doing this character was a bit difficult. At first, he doesn’t like who he is, he runs away from situations all the time and hates feeling his emotions, especially the bad ones. So she tries to hurt herself and be self-destructive. I was able to relate to that state of mind. She then loses someone in her life and the image that she had of herself and what she could be. Through that, she learns to accept herself and be comfortable with being herself. A lot of people are going through that now, with the isolation that we’ve all been through. They’ve all been at each other’s throats,” she said.

Awards and nominations for the worst person in the world

the worst person in the world competed for the Palme d’Or during the 74th edition of the Cannes International Film Festival. Norwegian actor Renate Reinsve won the award for Best Actress at the same festival. Currently, the film boasts two nominations in the category of best international film Y Best screenplay original at the 2022 Oscars.

If they are one of those who take to the siteRotten TomatoesAs a reference, then it goes without saying that, at the time of writing this article, Joachim Trier’s film stands out with 97% approval among specialized critics thanks to a consensus of 162 reviews. It has also been a pleasant surprise for the public, granting it an 88% approval rating with more than 100 reviews.

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