The weight of talent: Writers wanted these actors if Nic Cage refused


Although in recent years he has not exactly gone through a winning streak, with the weight of talentNicolas Cage prepares to return to the big leagues. However, there was a time when there was doubt about the possibility of the actor starring in the film.

Hiring Nicolas Cage to play Nicolas Cage is a no-brainer, right? But… what would have happened if he didn’t accept the role? According to the writers Kevin Etten and Tom Garmican (also director of the film), there was a plan B before the possible refusal of the actor.

In an interview for ColliderGormican even said that Cage had ideas of who could play him on the big screen:

“I think if Gene Wilder was alive, it would have been a great idea to play me. I don’t know who could do Nicolas Cage.”

Kevin Etten also had some suggestions that the director did not hesitate to accept:

“Christian Bale or Daniel Day-Lewis in prosthetics, probably.”

Can you imagine these Oscar winners playing Nicolas Cage? Both are well known within the industry for transforming to bring certain characters to life and have won multiple awards for it.

Even Nicolas Cage himself did not agree with playing a comic version of himself. This commented for The Hollywood Reporter:

“I didn’t want to be a part of it. But when I got the letter from Tom (Garmican), I thought, “Ok, he’s not trying to make fun of someone named Nick Cage; there is a real interest in the previous work. He wanted to make a movie about people, not caricatures or cartoons.”

What is it about the weight of talentwith Nicholas Cage?

The film’s protagonist is a distorted version of Cage, who is experiencing creative failure and financial trouble, so he’s forced to accept a $1 million offer to perform at a dangerous fan’s birthday.

Everything spirals out of control when Cage (the character, not the actor) is recruited by a CIA agent, who tells him that his host is more dangerous than he appears, and that he must channel many of the characters he has already played. before to fulfill the mission that is presented to him, and that he is not in a position to refuse.

The film has received extremely positive reviews, with several specialists mentioning which celebrates Cage “and the impressive breadth of his career.” There is also talk of the magnificent duo that he makes with Pedro Pascal and how he ends up stealing several scenes.

Is this the sign of a big comeback for Nicolas Cage? the weight of talent It will hit theaters in Mexico on April 28. You can see the trailer here.

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