The squid game is banned from wearing a costume in schools


Since it was released The Squid Game On Netflix, it became clear that it would be the go-to Halloween costume during this year’s season. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that the costumes of the series are quite easy to replicate, but in reality it is all due to the unexpected popularity that the show achieved in just a couple of weeks. However, in schools they are not very happy with allowing children to come disguised with something allusive to the series, as they have noticed that this has become violent especially because they try to replicate the nefarious challenges that are shown in the theme of the series .

Whoever seen The Squid Game remember that it tells the story of a group of people who, due to financial pressure, decide to join a strange and anonymous game where the final prize is millions and millions of dollars. Of course the challenges are no small thing. Although the games are based on “children’s games”, those who lose not only lose the challenge, but their lives. This would hardly happen in schools in the United States, although teachers have observed that their children have arranged the games in such a way that they seek to do physical harm to their opponent.

“Staff members have recently noticed that some students at recess have been imitating ‘The Squid Game’ games,” Superintendent Dr. Craig Tice recently said in a statement to families. “Because of this activity, our principals wanted to make sure our families are aware that it would be inappropriate for any student to wear a Squidward Game Halloween costume to school due to potential violent messages aligned with the costume.”

disguise the squid game

East release It comes from the Fayetteville-Manlius school district near Syracuse, New York, but spread, as quickly as the series’ popularity, through many other school districts across the United States. After this official statement, others emerged, such as in Florida schools, where it was noted that children in schools tried to replicate the dangerous games shown in the series, but with the intention of hurting their opponents.

Regardless of what is reported inside the schools, to try to stop the popularity of the series is already too late. A few days ago reported that the keywords “squid game costume” appeared very high in image searches on Instagram, and thousands of people used the term to share their own outfits.

Here in Mexico throughout markets and social media posts, it also became clear that the Netflix series would dominate the theme in this season’s costumes. The game’s guards’ outfits on the island have been replicated ad nauseam, while several women have taken on the appearance of the infamous killer doll from the Green Light game.

disguise the squid game

For its part, Netflix responded promptly to the statements from schools in the United States, to point out that the series has a designated classification for adults, precisely because of its doses of violence. At the same time, he recommended that the parental controls provided by his platform be used to prevent that public of an age not in accordance with the classification of the show, from having access to the series. Too late.

The Squid Gamearrived on the Netflix platform on September 17 and as the days went by it became the most successful series that the site has hadstreamingthroughout its history. TheShowwas the subject of comments, debates and memes through theWeband its success has led to a silent demand from popular culture for a second season, even though the story was conceived as a limited series.

However, the director of the series himself confessed to feeling the pressure and pointed out that he will undoubtedly work on the continuation of the story. You can read more about it here.

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