The son: Anthony Hopkins joins the cast of Florian Zeller’s film


Although The son Florian Zeller’s supposedly finished filming in New York City, as soon as it becomes known that Anthony Hopkins has joined the project. You will remember that precisely both were awarded golden statuettes in the last Oscar delivery, for their performance in The father, one of the works nominated in the queen category. While Hopkins took home the second golden man of his career for his performance, Zeller took home the first for the script adapted from his own play.

For this reason, it is a reason for emotion that both are together again in the French playwright’s barely second film project. Florian Zeller achieved artistic notoriety with his works designed for the stage. However, his leap to the cinema was also received with laurels and this led to the making of his second film, just a few months after the arrival of The father to world billboards.

Although The son is not a sequential sequel to The father, Zeller himself affirms that it is a kind of spiritual sequel due to the themes and styles that characterize both. The trilogy is completed with Mother, which is waiting to run with the same fate as the previous ones.

The son will tell the story of a complicated family full of emotional conflicts whose routine is suddenly altered when the youngest of the members presents the most significant mental disturbances of the group. After the divorce of his parents, the son of the story will be formed in a spiral of conflicts, rebellions and psychological problems that could pose a risk to himself and those around him.

The role of the boy in question is being played by actor Zen McGrath, while his estranged parents will be brought to the big screen by Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern. On the other hand, Vanessa Kirby will be Jackman’s new wife, and to all of them Anthony Hopkins is added in an unknown role that was probably created specifically for this film adaptation.

Filming of The son began last August, according to a publication shared by Florian Zeller himself in his InstagramHowever, recently, in the same network, the director announced the conclusion of the main photography and incidentally included Anthony Hopkins in the family.

To carry outThe sonto the big screen, Florian Zeller teamed up once again with Christopher Hampton (Atonement: Desire and Sin) to set up the movie script. Of course, the Frenchman will be in charge of the direction, this being his second film. Produced by Iain Canning and Emile Sherman, responsible for The king’s speech(2010), along with Joanna Laurie and Christophe Spadone, who have already producedThe father.

The film does not yet have a scheduled release date, but Florian Zeller says he is “anxious” to begin editing. Will there also be a space for Olivia Colman?

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