The SmartFilms 2022 festival announces its call

If your dream is to make movies and the cell phone is your best ally, this celebration of cinema is for you. As usual, the SmartFilms festival seeks to promote creativity and talent by making films through cell phones, without a large team behind it or the latest technological resources. Here we tell you the details of SmartFilms and its 2022 call.

After two editions carried out remotely (due to the pandemic), said festival returns to its face-to-face format. Previous ceremonies have been held in Colombia and Paraguay, all with great success. One of the most important premises of SmartFilms is diversity, therefore, opportunities are provided to anyone who wants to write and tell the best possible story. Directors of the stature of Oliver Stone and Robert Rodríguez (Battle Angel: The Last Warrior).

The director Robert Rodríguez (left) has been part of the festival activities

In an interview for The Sun of Mexicothe General Director, Adriana Sánchez, spoke of the impact that these types of festivals have now that the pandemic seems to be coming to an end and many content creators have succeeded thanks to their social networks:

“It is positive, because it is also a social scanner. We get into these networks and understand how our heads are, how the world is. The generation of content in different areas is important, because it enriches the exercise for everyone. These content generators found users who consume them.”

What categories will we find in SmartFilms 2022?

Advertising spot: This is a category implemented for this edition. A well-known car brand will send a brief on which the spot should be worked. The use of a new technology that prevents contamination should be highlighted. The prize is $107 thousand Mexican pesos and the possibility of working with the brand in the future.

Filmminute: This category seeks to exploit the melodrama. A fiction must be told very much in the tone of a soap opera that, in addition, invites reflection. It should last between 60 and 90 seconds. The prize will also be $107 thousand Mexican pesos.

The actress Mabel Cadena (The dance of the 41) will be one of the spokespersons for the festival

Professional: Product placement of a very famous cell phone brand in Mexico must be carried out, exploiting its exclusive functions. The intention is to generate a change through technology that reaches the community. The genre of the story is free. $187 thousand Mexican pesos will be paid to the winner.

Amateur: Free theme, but made with one or more smart mobile devices. Neither the author nor the production team must be professionals in the audiovisual field. Product placement of a local business should be done: ventures, corner store, app, etc. The prize will be $50 thousand Mexican pesos.

Those interested can pre-register their projects before June 17, 2022. If so, registration for the call will be completely free. In addition, some additional and exclusive benefits will be included, such as:

  • voting codes
  • Access to all festival activities (chalas, forums, workshops, debates, etc.)
  • Projections of the works with full capacity

Do not stay without telling your best story. Learn more details and the entire call for SmartFilms 2022 here.

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