The Simpsons already have a permanent replacement for Professor Krabappel


With the death of actress Marcia Wallace in 2013, who gave voice to Edna Krabappel in more than twenty seasons of The Simpson, said character was left in limbo. The Fox network had decided that (out of respect for Wallace) no other actress would play the unforgettable Springfield Elementary School teacher. Consequently, little Bart lost his eternal fourth grade mentor. But time has passed, and it’s time to meet who will finally replace Krabappel as a member of the faculty.

This Thursday, ew released a first look at miss Rayshelle Peytonwho will become a permanent replacement for Edna Krabappel in The Simpson, as a fourth grade teacher. The English voice of the new character will be provided by Kerry WashingtonEmmy-nominated for Drama Series Little Fires Everywhere.

«[Peyton] She is a great teacher,” Washington explains to the media. “But like all the best teachers, she knows that her students have as much to teach her as she has to teach them. And teaching Bart is a job full of growth opportunities.”

After the goodbye to Marcia Wallace, for eight years there were only guest actors who voiced temporary teachers at Springfield Elementary School. For example, Willem Dafoe played an unstable teacher who would end up being fired after a rivalry with Bart in season 26. And in the following season, Sofia Vergara was credited as Carol Berrera, a retired military sergeant who comes to school to teach, but he eventually returns to the field to serve in Afghanistan. Now, with Rayshelle Peyton, the production is fully prepared to leave her as a permanent teacher.

“I don’t know why we’ve postponed it,” executive producer Carolyn Omine told ew. “I miss our dear Marcia, and I think there was a bit of sadness and reluctance to do it, but it’s been nine years. We will have had a conversation at least once a year, maybe every two years. We really couldn’t decide, and we really couldn’t agree. Inspired thinking just didn’t exist, until we came across this.”

And he added, alluding to Kerry Washington:

“I always knew she was a super talented actress who had great range, but I never knew she was funny. She has many characters and a timing really cool comic. And I said, ‘We really should think about using it.'”

Interestingly, Washington raised his hand to join The Simpson at a time when various animated shows were giving up white actors and actresses to voice characters of color. “Dear animators looking for black voices, I’m available,” the actress wrote on Twitter in 2020. It was then that Omine seriously considered casting her as Bart’s new teacher. In fact, the character of Peyton was written with her in mind.

About Rayshelle Peyton’s distinctive features, Kerry Washington told EW:

“She is very dedicated. She lets things slip. She’s a little too honest, in a very, very sweet and quirky way. She has a very ambitious project, and it seems that she will at least be able to encourage the other teachers to raise her level a bit as well. She is inspiring. She can be, as they say, ‘too much’. But she is also funny ».

Miss Peyton’s first appearance in The Simpson It will happen in the episode “My Octopus and a Teacher” of the 33rd season. Its premiere on Fox will take place next Sunday, April 24.

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