The rings of power: Why will we meet a different Galadriel?


In the last few days we have seen some drama brought about by Tolkien fans regarding the series. Faced with so many comments and disagreements, the show’s producers have already had to explain in interviews many of the creative decisions they made to adapt the British author’s compendium into a series of episodes. One of the questions that arouses the most curiosity is the origins, somewhat different, that we will see of Galadriel in the rings of power.

Galadriel was portrayed by Cate Blanchett in the Peter Jackson trilogies. She there she presented herself as a magical queen of the elves who generally kept her poise and poise. However, in the Amazon series we will see a different facet of her character.

Recently the showrunners shared (via) further details on his conception of the character’s origins. In the series we will see a warrior Galadriel, reckless and even a bit villainous. The idea of ​​her is to explore it long before she managed to become the queen of Lothlórien. Long before she was introduced to us as the stoic, focused queen who gave Frodo so much support during the War of the Ring.

the rings of power the rings of power Galadriel

Contrary to what many might think, these origins of the character, in fact, are very much in line with what Tolkien had thought about her. In a letter written in 1973, the author of The Lord of the rings already compared Galadriel to an Amazon warrior. In said text she further reveals that her name is the elvish for something akin to “shimmering-haired crowned maiden”. The above as a reference to the way she combed her hair in a braid that gave her more freedom during combat.

According to the creators of the series, at the beginning of the rings of powerGaladriel will have to deal with a conflict within herself. The young elf has just survived a series of attacks by the dark lord Morgoth and his general servant Sauron. In these confrontations, Galadriel almost lost her faith in Middle-earth, as well as almost all of her family and friends. Her character is filled “with hatred and bitterness, and she carries a broken sword from killing so many orcs.”

A touch of the character’s darkness is also shown in Peter Jackson’s films. In The Fellowship of the Ring, the queen is tempted by Frodo to take the one ring once and for all. In the act she transforms and assures that she would be a great and terrible queen like the sea. However, she keeps her composure and passes the test so complicated that the ring puts on all the hearts of Middle-earth. “I have passed the test. I will remain Galadriel and I will decrease », she assures.

the rings of power the rings of power Galadriel

In The history of Middle EarthTolkien at one point describes the One Ring as “all that Galadriel had desired in her youth.” This means that we will see an interesting pairing between the youth of the queen of Lorién, and the creation of the ring of power. However, the most interesting part of meeting Galadriel in the rings of powerit will be discovering how her character evolves from this ruthless warrior, to the peaceful being that we all remember.

Galadriel will be played in the series by Morfydd Clark and we have already been able to see a little action of the character, in the first trailer of the Show. You can see it complete and know all the details about the rings of power here.

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