The Rings of Power: The Lord of the Rings Series Reveals Its Posters


It is said that there is no better advertising campaign than one that does not exist as such. Under such effective precepts of showing little, but advancing “something” is that the advertising beginnings of the series based on the world of The Lord of the rings. Now that we are entering the second month of the particular year in which we will return to Middle-earth, Amazon Prime decided that it was time to reveal the first posters of the rings of power. A collection of postcards as beautiful as they are interesting that advance only the aesthetics of the Show and the variety of characters it will contain.

As if this were not enough, the series did not reveal a couple of posters, but a total of twenty-three. Each one frames the lower part of a character. Hip, torso and especially hands, who are the biggest protagonists of the promotional ones. The collection of images plays with the established idea that the hands are one of the most expressive elements of the human being. And for this reason it uses them to also show other objects.

Each of the characters shows their hands and holds with them objects related to their personality. At least that is what we can assume, since there is no confirmation of which is the actor behind each one, much less the character who plays it. However, we can get an idea. No one misses that metallic armor with pointed and aggressive finishes, and that similar sword handle, which undoubtedly reminds us of the dark lord of Mordor.

On the other hand, not all of them wield weapons. Some have tools such as a scroll, quill, string, or embroidery booklet. Others simply hold fruits, acorns, flowers or even just show the personality of their hands, adorned by rings that contrast with their clothing. The wardrobe, by the way, is another great protagonist of this entire collection. And all this leads us to think that the intention of these first promos is above all to advance the visual style of the series.

All of the above goes for granted that the creatives behind the show have respected as far as possible the Middle-earth aesthetic that was introduced by Peter Jackson in his two movie trilogies. The Rings of Power posters, however, reveal that the show will also find its own visual place within the audiovisual imaginary of Tolkien’s world.

Another interesting concept that can be extracted from these posters is that the series will have a choral focus on the dynamism of its characters. Previously it had already been commented that The Rings of Power would have a large number of characters, all of them protagonists of their own stories, and even unrelated to each other.

It was commented that the first two episodes of season one would be located in very distant times and precursors to the Second Age. This pair of chapters, directed by JA Bayona, would be important to establish the aesthetics of the Show and that could be considered as two full-length films in which the viewer will learn about the origin of Middle-earth from its most abstract conception.

Undoubtedly, each image is proof that we will see different cultures, different skin tones, characters from different social classes, and the most exciting, characters that are part of an imaginary that we have not yet met on the screen. Men from the Island of Númenor, hobbits from other regions and elves who escape the long and neat hair that Peter Jackson presented us.

Amazon Prime revealed each of the posters through posts on the official twitter account of Show. For many, the fact that each image was accompanied by a visual description designed for people with visual impairment was highlighted. The descriptive text of each image allows those who are blind to hear from their devices a vivid narration of what is shown in the poster so that they can configure it in their own imagination.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power, It already has a second season planned that has not yet entered production. However, the first one is already cooked in the oven to the specific and necessary degrees so that it arrives on time on September 2nd. You can see the rest of the posters here.

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