The rings of power: the great mystery will be discovering who Sauron is


Amazon Studios is ready to start sharing many more details of the long-awaited series of The Lord of the rings. Correction. His real name is the rings of power, because this time the series will not focus as such on Sauron and the consequences of his actions. Rather the idea is to tell the previous stories that led up to it and in a more earthy version of the character. This approach has caused many to wonder where the dark lord is and who will play him. But judging by the comments of the showrunnersIt seems that this is the great mystery that they are not willing to reveal.

Patrick McKay and John D. Payne recently chatted with the magazine Vanity Fair, about many of the points and questions raised by this great project. Many of his revelations have caused a stir among Tolkien fans. Some are upset that the dwarves in the series will not have their characteristic beards. And still others have gone to further and more embarrassing places, openly calling for the inclusion of brown actors for originally Caucasian characters.

While they all discuss the barely 60-second trailer we saw during the Super Bowl broadcast, however, Tolkien scholars have other concerns on their minds. The creators of the series have confessed that naturally they have taken their liberties when it comes to the adaptation. The most important point is that they will tell four Middle-earth narratives that chronologically occur centuries apart from each other.

This would mean that those responsible would have to tell us a series with thousands of years of history. Which is a narrative impediment, especially considering that we would have to grow fond of characters who eventually have to disappear and die. Therefore, his best solution was to combine these stories in a much shorter period of time. And one of them has to do with the creation of the rings of power and Sauron.

In his words, one of the stories McKay and Payne want to tell is “the rise of Sauron when he was still a physical villain”. In Tolkien’s tales, the end of the First Age is when the races of Middle-earth succeed in defeating the dark lord Morgoth. Suaron, being his general, runs away to hide for thousands of years. But later, well into the Second Age, he decides to come out of the shadows to blend back in with elves and men with a new identity.

then called as Annatar, the lord of gifts, appears in the eyes of all as a beautiful, seductive and deceitful man. Sauron deceives all the races of Middle-earth to promote the creation of the rings of power that will enslave elves, men and dwarves before the true One Ring that meanwhile is forged in secret.

According to the media article mentioned above, one of the attractions of the rings of powerthe thing is we may possibly see Sauron “hidden in plain sight”. What will undoubtedly be the biggest mystery to be solved throughout the episodes of its first season and probably even more during the already confirmed second.

The showrunners of the series, they probably won’t tell the truth. And this will inject the Show a collection of intrigues, secrets, deceptions and betrayals, very much in the vein of Game of Thrones. After all, George RR Martin’s stories are very similar to the power play narratives that brought the all-powerful island of Númenor to disgrace. The second of the four important stories that the series will tackle.

The other two great narratives that the series intends to address are the story of the great elf forger Celebrimbor. Around this are naturally the young years of Elrond (played in the movies by Hugo Weaving) and everything concerning the elven kingdom of Lindon, located on the shores of Middle-earth. “We wanted to go to the coasts,” says McKay. “You’ve never seen the coast of Middle-earth on screen before.”

Finally, the fourth great narrative will be the great conclusion of all of them. When once Sauron has seized power and threatens peace in Middle-earth, all races must unite in “The Last Alliance.” The great battle that ends the Second Age and that is precisely the prologue of the movies of The Lord of the rings.

Regardless of what Tolkien fans think by now, this is certainly an exciting project that deserves our trust and attention. The series is already the most expensive in history and without considering the reactions and reception, Amazon has enough confidence in it to invest in a second one right now.

the rings of power will debut on the platform streaming next September 2. Its chapters will premiere week after week, in the old ways of television series.

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