The rings of power “is not television, it is a new format”

Just two months after its premiere, the expectation to discover the series of The Lord of the rings is capitalized. Amazon has in its hands a huge compendium of places, characters and culture with which to build a television series. However, it seems that we are facing uncharted terrain. And it is that recently the director JA Bayona commented that the rings of power It’s not television exactly, but a new format is being created here.

Halfway between television and cinema, the Show Prime Video looks set to be an expensive experiment. Previously it was reported that the series is the most expensive today with an initial planning of two seasons that would be filmed in unison. The filmmaker who set The orphanage He was in charge of shaping the first two episodes. Two audiovisuals that had already been described as mini movies of more than an hour.

All of the above definitely points to the Show of television will not be entirely conventional. so what said Bayonne:

«the rings of power It is not television, it is a new format that we are creating here ».

Recounting the details of the Second Age of that fantastic world of literature seems like an almost impossible challenge. For this reason, the people in charge behind this adaptation confessed that creative freedoms were the order of the day. The above has bothered fans and the public alike. Many of them even assume that Amazon has no idea what it does with the lore of Tolkien.

To tell the truth, the worrying part comes from the rights agreement that Amazon has with the Tolkien family. The platform will only have access to the appendices. A compilation that barely has information in broad strokes, but that does not delve into narrative, characters or situations. For JD Payne, one of theshowrunners, the above is no bother. On the contrary, because it has allowed them to contribute the best of themselves in the way that Tolkien would have wanted.

“It was as if Tolkien put some stars in the sky and allowed us to draw the constellations,” explained the producer. “In his letters [particularmente en una a su editor], Tolkien spoke about wanting to leave behind a mythology that ‘allowed room for other minds and hands, to wield the tools of painting, music and drama’. We are doing what Tolkien wanted. As long as we felt that each of our inventions was true to its essence, we knew we were on the right track.”

The creators already confirmed that the rings of power It will contain a lot of action. “More than any other TV show or streaming that we have seen.” According to his words, each new episode presents great scenarios, elaborate battles, new creatures and confrontations to the death. That is why he is in his plans to do up to five seasons. Same ones that they already have traced and of which they even know until the final shot.

Only the response of the public will determine if they will be granted the wish to perform the remaining three. the rings of powerIt will arrive on Amazon Prime Video starting September 2.

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