The rings of power: creators have planned up to 5 seasons

There is still a lot of expectation surrounding the series of The Lord of the rings. And about her there is also some distrust. Especially from die-hard Tolkien fans. However, the creators of the rings of power not only do they have the confidence for like 5 seasons of the Show. But they also make it clear that everything they do is what the creator of Middle-earth would have wanted.

Certainly, recounting the details of the Second Age of that fantastic world of literature seems like an almost impossible challenge. For this reason, the people in charge behind this adaptation have confessed that creative freedoms were the order of the day. The above has bothered fans and the public alike. Many of them even assume that Amazon has no idea what it’s doing with Tolkien’s lore.

Fortunately for all, JD Payne, one of the showrunners of the rings of powerhe has confirmed that they have planned up to 5 seasons of the series. Their planning is so meticulous that they even know what the final shot of the series would look like in its last season.

“The rights that Amazon bought were for a 50-hour program,” he commented. “They knew from the beginning that this was the size of the canvas: this was a great story with a clear beginning, middle and end. There are things from the first season that won’t come to fruition until season 5.”

Despite having such extensive material (at least in narrative time), the creators of the series have allowed themselves certain additions. Earlier George RR Martin noted that Amazon’s rights deal was strange. Especially since it only allowed exploration of the appendages. A compilation that barely has information in broad strokes, but that does not delve into narrative, characters or situations.

For Payne the above is not a bother. On the contrary, because it has allowed them to contribute the best of themselves in the way that Tolkien would have wanted. He justified it as follows:

“It was as if Tolkien put some stars in the sky and allowed us to draw the constellations. in your letters [particularmente en una a su editor], Tolkien spoke about wanting to leave behind a mythology that ‘allowed room for other minds and hands, to wield the tools of painting, music and drama’. We are doing what Tolkien wanted. As long as we felt that each of our inventions was true to its essence, we knew we were on the right track.”

For now, two seasons have been confirmed, which were filmed in unison. Only the reaction of the public will determine if the production will continue ahead with whatever has already been mapped out to reach the fifth season.

the rings of power It will arrive on Amazon Prime Video starting September 2.

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