David Oyelowo is putting together a new ‘Rocketeer’ movie for Disney

Selma’s actor may also perform in The Return of the Rocketeer, under the Yoruba Saxon Productions brand, where he will be working with Oyelowo.

The Oyeelowos will oversee the revival of the movie The Rocketeer, which Walt Disney owns.

Yoruba Saxon Productions will make it, and the lead part is said to be taken by David Oyelowo. The screenwriter for the movie is Ed Ricourt, who will be collaborating with Brigham Taylor and Yoruba Saxon on the project.

Deadline broke the news of the sequel to the reboot. The Rocketeer came from Dave Stevens’s 1980s indie comic and was a tribute to 1930s and 1940s serial films like Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Many bizarre and dramatic things happen in the tale, which starts with Cliff Secord, a stunt pilot who finds a rocket pack and suit that is almost perfect. He is quickly caught up in a maelstrom of mobsters, Nazis, Howard Hughes, and the FBI. Billy Campbell appeared as Secord, an aerospace engineer who builds airplanes for the Nazis and attempts to rebuild his relationship with Betty Page (Jennifer Connelly) as an actress in New York.

Disney was interested in a remake of the movie, but the corporation was hesitant to go forward with new characters until they had a clear image of The Rocketeers’ protagonists.

Oyelowo recently appeared in the chess drama Queen of Katwe and has upcoming roles in Blumhouse’s Only You and Doug Liman’s Chaos Walking.


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