The reason Sam Raimi returned to Marvel with Doctor Strange


Regardless of how much Sam Raimi’s first two arachnid films may be loved, the third contribution that meant a forced closure of the trilogy will remain forever remembered. This film has been criticized over the years for its multiple inclusion of villains, its humor totally alien to the first two installments and that dancing version of Peter Parker turned to the dark side. For this reason, it was strange for many that Sam Raimi was willing to return with Marvel to make the sequel to Doctor Strange.

However, the director himself has reason enough to return to the superhero universe. Especially because this time it will not only be about raising the project of a new heroic specimen, but also about entering a universe already built by more than 23 films and a first origin story that was already established by director Scott Derrickson. However, for Raimi, challenge outweighs ease. This is how commented:

“I did not know that I could face it again because it was horrible, having been the director of Spider-Man 3. The Internet was being born and people did not like that movie and they let me know. So, it was difficult to retract. But then I found out there was an opportunity in Doctor Strange 2. My agent called me and said, ‘They’re looking for a director at Marvel for this movie and your name came up. Would you be interested?’ And I thought, ‘I wonder if I could still do it.’ They are really demanding, those kinds of movies. And I thought, ‘Well, that’s reason enough.’

After going through Spider-man Raimi focused on going back to his roots with horror cinema also focused on humor. Drag Me to Hell was a particular example of it, just before entering fully with Disney in the recreation of a classic fantasy story. Although Oz the powerful Nor was it to anyone’s liking, the filmmaker did not stop in his mission to continue adding works to his filmography.

Upon Doctor StrangeSam Raimi commented that even though he is not the most iconic character from his childhood, he is still an interesting exploration. Ever since Raimi was announced as Derrickson’s successor in the “Sorcerer Supreme” story, many fans agreed that his choice was the perfect idea considering that the second installment of the Doctor is billed as Marvel’s first “horror” film. .

“I always really liked the character of Doctor Strange. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was right up there with the favorites, ”Raimi explained. “I loved the first movie, I thought Scott Derrickson did a wonderful job, an incredible job. So, I said, ‘Yes’. They left the character in a great place. I didn’t think I would be making another superhero movie. It just happened.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be the continuation of what is established by the director of Sinister. But beyond being a follow-up for the character, it is anticipated as a watershed for the Marvel universe due to its handling of the multiverse. Benedict Cumberbatch will return to wear the scarlet cape and next to him will be Elizabeth Olsen in her role as Wanda Maximoff.

Raimi’s film will hit theaters on March 25, 2022.

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