The Power of the Dog: Jane Campion vs. Sam Elliott


Sam Elliott took advantage of the space within a podcast to attack the power of the dog by Jane Champion. The film is shaping up to win the biggest award at the upcoming Oscars ceremony. And its director is also the great favorite to win the statuette of the Directorate. However, Elliot reminded the world that not everyone has raised the film and her comments have unleashed a kind of controversy and responses from the filmmaker and the cast of the film itself.

In case you were wondering, Sam Elliot has no direct relationship with Jane Campion’s film. The actor simply shared his opinion on it, when he was the weekly guest of the podcast wtf by Marc Marron. There assured what the power of the dog It seemed like a “piece of shit” to him because of the plot’s portrayal of the characters and their relationship to sexuality.

“I met [el Medio Oeste] when I was in Texas doing 1883 and that was what really made me understand the other day… there was a damn ad [de la película] of a full page in L.A. Times and there was a review, not a review, but a clip, and it was about dissecting the American myth. And I thought, ‘What the fuck? What the hell? This is the type that he has done westerns since ever. The dissection of the American West. They made them look like… what are all those dancers called, those guys in New York who just wear bow ties? Do you remember them?

Jane CampionSam Elliott

Elliot was referring to the Chippendales dancers (stripper masculine), as his interviewer was kind enough to clarify. The actor assured that “That’s what all these damn cowboys looked like in that movie. They all run around in chaps and no shirts. There are all these allusions to homosexuality throughout the damn movie.”

Sam Elliott later spoke about Jane Campion and questioned her authority to make a movie about the Midwest, being from New Zealand:

“What the hell is this woman doing? By the way, she’s a brilliant director, I love her work, her previous work, but what the hell does this New Zealand woman know about the American West? And why the hell is she shooting this movie in New Zealand and calling it Montana and saying, ‘That’s how it was.’ That pissed me off, mate. The myth is that it was these males with the cattle. I just came from fucking Texas, where I hung out with families, not men, but families, big, long, extended, multi-generation families that make a living and their lives are about being cowboys.”

the power of the dog

Given Elliott’s comments and the repercussions they had on social media, Campion had no choice but to follow up. When she showed up at a podcast from THRthe Oscar-nominated filmmaker opined about the assertions of the actor of A star Is Born:

“It has to be said, I think [Elliott] he’s being a bit of a bitch, because, you know, he’s not a cowboy either, he’s an actor: he grew up in Sacramento and was educated in Oregon, you know? We are dealing with a fictional world, we are dealing with a mythical universe. The West is a myth, it doesn’t exist, Annie Proulx said that, and there’s plenty of room in the range to explore that myth. And this is just another version of that.”

“You know, if you think about Sergio Leone’s movies, where were they filmed?They were filmed in Spain and are some of the greatest explorations of Western myth ever made.So, you know, I think it’s just a little scabby cowboy problem,” he continued.

Jane CampionSam Elliott

The director directed her comments to the realm of the joke, suggesting a confrontation between the two: “Okay, Sam, let’s meet at the Warner Brothers studio for a shootout! I’ll take Doctor Strange with me!” the filmmaker joked, alluding to Benedict Cumberbatch. The actor who plays the sorcerer supreme for Marvel and who is the protagonist of the power of the dog.

Sam Elliott has not followed up on Campion’s response. In the meantime the power of the dog It is the most nominated film of the Oscar Awards, with 12 nominations. Last Sunday, it secured its status as a favourite, by taking home the awards for Best Film at the BAFTA and Critic Choice Awards.

Jane Campion also won the awards for Best Direction in both contests and on Saturday, March 12, she was honored by the Directors Guild (DGA) for her work on the film. The film can be seen on the Netflix platform.

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