The Oscars will talk about Bruno and the internet is furious


For many years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has sought to take any type of measure to increase its audiences. This year they had the idea to cut the delivery of the 24 categories and relegate some of “no importance” to non-televised sections. However, during the big night of the Oscars, the first live performance of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and the reactions on the internet have not been entirely favorable.

The song in question is without a doubt the biggest hit to come out of the movie. Charm. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” It went viral especially on TikTok, and soon became the most well-known tune in the entire movie. Although it was not nominated for Best Original Song, it will somehow find a place during the awards broadcast.

Of course, those most interested in the award as such, consider that the decision is wrong. It is argued that it is a bit unfair that many creatives, composers, directors, or editors do not receive their statuette live, while a song that is not nominated will occupy that space. Above all Film Twitter was pretty quick to comment on it.

«We also don’t talk about editing, original music or makeup and hair, or sound, etc»

«Sure, let’s cut the 8 awards but but let’s add the presentation of a song that is not nominated BECAUSE WE ARE VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE TIME

What a joke»

«There is time for useless things like that, but not to honor live artists»

The Oscars are looking to attract broader audiences, especially from the internet, with the inclusion of “Bruno” in the mix. There are many who have criticized The Academy for not nominating the famous song and instead opting for “Two caterpillars” also of Charm.

The reality is that from the beginning Disney‘s application for nominations did not include “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Composer Lin Manuel Miranda explained that they considered that “Two Caterpillars” it was better for competition because it more clearly reflected “the spirit of the film.” Of course, that decision was made long before Bruno’s overwhelming reception, so the studio is probably very sorry now.

The categories that The Oscars will not televise include Best Original Score, Best Editing, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Sound and all categories focused on short films. There will be a total of eight prizes that we will not see being delivered on the screen.

The ceremony will take place next Sunday, March 27.

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