The origin and best memes of Marilyn Manson «old»


Although it is true that the singer and actor is enjoying his 52 springs, no one would have thought that the years would wreak their havoc so fast … Well, actually the photoshop He did his thing and netizens were caught – and scammed – with a photograph of Marilyn Manson excessively aged. its look sparked a series of memes, but also curiosity as to whether Manson is truly experiencing physical decline. The reality is that no and here we tell you what happened to the best old Marilyn memes.

Marilyn Manson old meme

Origin of the postcard

The original photograph took exactly the January 4, 2020, during the red carpet of the 13th edition of The Art of Elysium Gala, which took place in Los Angeles California. In fact, the singer was accompanied by his wife Lindsay Elizabeth Warner.

It is likely that the postcard has been retouched with that famous application: FaceApp, as there is no evidence of its physical deterioration. In fact, one of the last appearances of Marilyn Manson took place on August 26, 2021, during the DONDA Event with Kanye West in Chicago, Illinois, United States. (via BBC).

Photo: Apple Music (via NME)

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Best memes

The graphic jokes made their own through the network and there was no lack of an Internet user who compared Marilyn Manson with the journalist Joaquín López Dóriga or with Phyllis Vance, from The Office. Here are the best:

“When Marilyn Manson gets old, she’s going to look like an elementary school teacher.”

“Miss Robert Smith and Miss Marilyn Manson are my most adorable aunts …”.

“Marilyn Manson went from being that boy who all ladies judge to being the lady who judges all boys …”.

“Marilyn Manson mutated Phyllis and we didn’t realize it.”

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