The north over the void – Premiere and trailer of the Mexican film


After the success of girls well (2018), the Mexican filmmaker Alejandra Marquez Abella returns to the chair with north over the void. The film takes on vital relevance because it competes in the Panoramas section of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale 2022). On the eve of the start of the prestigious German festival, the trailer official of north over the void.


What is it about?

The synopsis revealed by Bengal Agency anticipates the following:

«Don Reynaldo is a recognized hunter in decline. When the threat of losing his heritage and the legacy of his father appears; the dynamics with his family, with his workers and with the land, will be dangerously disrupted ».

The film – which was filmed in Nuevo León and Tamaulipas – is based on the true story of Alejo Garza Tamez, a businessman and hunter, who was murdered after being shot at by a criminal organization that demanded that he hand over his assets.

In an interview with the EFE AgencyMárquez Abella reflects on the background of the film and several of the questions that arose in the process to build the plot:

“Raise questions like whose land belongs to? Whose buys it or who works it, or who lives in it? -Like the animals-. We have built a very anthropocentric vision in this regard in which it seems that the earth belongs to us humans”, said the director. «I like to say that it is a western neo-existential, because it’s like a cowboy movie, but it’s not really a westernplay with gender“, he explained.

The story of Alejo Garza Tamez was already told in the documentary short film The brave see death only once, by Diego Enrique Osorno. For the filmmaker Alejandra Márquez Abella it was essential to review that work, but only to give a unique essence to her fiction feature film.

north over the void grab a little like inspiration of that anecdote and, of course, that I watched Diego’s short over and over again to tell this story that, I insist, is inspired by the anecdote, but takes a different direction to be able to speak and raise what has to do with the construction of the masculinity. What is to be bravewhat is the heroismAnd why are they so linked to masculinity?” Márquez Abella asks and tells him in an exclusive interview with Indigo Report.


north over the void includes in its distribution Gerardo Trejoluna (The girl who cleans), dove petra (The dove and the wolf), Dolores Heredia (sound), Juan Daniel Garcia Trevino (I’m not here anymorei) and Mayra Hermosillo.

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