The New Exorcist Movie Will Be A “Really Scary” Reinvention


Jason Blum, responsible for the film’s production, assured that they will seek to claim the first film.

The original film should never have been touched. That is clear to us or at least the most fanatics, who consider it a masterpiece of the genre, do not agree with the juice that was extracted over time through products that are far from doing it justice. However, Blumhouse will seek a rebirth of The Exorcist and they promise to do better than its aftermath.

“What I hope to do with The Exorcist is the same as we did with Halloween. The first movie was great, the second movie was good, and the rest was not very good. And then we went in and moved it again, and people liked it, so I hope we can do the same with The Exorcist ”, Jason Blum commented in an interview with CinePop.

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the exorcist sequel

“Everyone thinks we’re going to fall flat on our faces, but I think we have the same filmmaker and the same (Halloween) writer David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. AND I think we will reinvent The Exorcist to make it feel fresh, new, different, but, you know, related to the first movie., but also really scary “added.

The new film will star Leslie Odom Jr., who will play the father of a possessed child who goes out looking for the help of Chris MacNeil (Ellen burstyn).

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