The Matrix: Resurrections launches a new trailer with unreleased scenes


A few less than a month before its premiere, the fourth installment of The Matrix launches a television spot with Neo and Trinity in action. It hits theaters on December 23.

It’s only a handful of seconds, but the new TV spot of The Matrix: Resurrections Injects us with enough handle to start counting the days until the premiere of the film in Argentine cinemas, dated December 23rd.

The trailer takes advantage of a lot of Neo and Trinity in action, but also a tsunami of special effects that are already a regular in the franchise.

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Lana Wachowski returns to the franchise after 16 years in a kind of sequel that will put Neo as the protagonist of the film. Was everything we saw in the trilogy part of the Matrix? Is the Matrix now more intense and powerful than before? All the advances of The Matrix: Resurrections they sowed more doubts than answers, and fans are hoping for a comeback at the height of the circumstances.

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