The Lord of the Rings: the Amazon series would star Isildur


Since it became known of the existence of a series of Lord of the rings, the first thing everyone began to imagine was a story about the origins of Sauron. Although, it has already been confirmed that the lord creator of the rings will not appear at least during the first season of the series, now it is reported that perhaps the true protagonist of the Show be none other than Isildur.

It is well known that the series has been produced under the key of absolute secrecy. Some time ago we reported that there was even a fake production and team, set up in New Zealand to distract onlookers and peepers. paparazzi, while the real action occurred in secret locations.

Based on rumors and “two plus one” from the fans, it is how little by little more details about the development of the long-awaited series are obtained, no matter how minimal. One of the most recent has reported that the code name that was given to the supposed protagonist of the story is “Cole.” However, it is claimed that it is a decoy to hide the character’s real name.

According to a twitter accountAfter months of investigation, it is inferred that Isildur would be the one who stars in the series from the third episode and probably for a large part of its duration or existence. The casting mentions a Caucasian man between the ages of 20 and 22, to give life to an 18-year-old character who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Which is why he is actually perceived as an old soul.

Haunted, but charming and charismatic, are other willing characteristics. Speculation suggests that the role is played by actor Maxim Baldry, although other options could be Benjamin Walker or Augustus Prew. Of course the three already confirmed as part of the cast.

The details agree with several of the confirmations already had in the past. For example, it was reported that JA Bayona would be the director of the two initial episodes, who would be in charge above all of setting the tone that the series will have going forward. These first chapters would tell the story of the creation of the world and Middle-earth as a kind of movie that could stand apart from later episodes.

The above would explain why Isildur would take center stage in the series of The Lord of the rings, right up to the third episode. It was previously suggested that the series would have very long time jumps, which ties in with the idea of ​​recounting the origins of Middle-earth in the universe, and then taking us to the conflicts of the Second Age.

In the Peter Jackson films, the character appears briefly as Harry Sinclair. At the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring, we see how Isildur took his father’s broken sword to slice the fingers of a Sauron who, upon losing the One Ring, is defeated and stripped of his powers. Later ignoring Elrond’s suggestion, Isildur takes the ring home instead of destroying it, but is slaughtered by a group of Orcs in the forest.

In Tolkien’s legendarium, Isildur was born on the Isle of Númenor and from there took a fruit from the kingdom’s white tree, from which the White Tree of Minas Tirith would later flourish. Precisely he manages to escape from the Island just before its destruction, together with his father to reach Middle-earth and found the kingdom of Gondor. Isildur’s father and himself, were one of the many deceived by Sauron whom they later must face in the famous War of the Great Alliance.

Said narrative described houses many years of extension, a great accumulation of characters and diverse stories that supposedly could be explored by the series in multiple seasons. Here you can find a list of stories that could be taken up by the series. A list half between wish and possibility. However, here are some confirmed details that little by little shape the true purpose of the series.

The Lord of the ringsCourtesy of Amazon, it is reported as the most expensive television series in recent years. Everything seems to indicate that we will see the result in the middle of the following year.

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