The Legend of the Lost Treasure: The Series is On


It’s time to take the pen out of the inkwell and sneak into the most prestigious libraries in the country because National Treasure is back. Some time ago it had been confirmed that there would be a series of the saga The legend of the lost treasure. But finally such an event has started filming.

Before we start questioning our founding story, remember that the series will tell the stories of a younger cast. Although it is rumored that several members of the original cast will appear in one way or another in the collection of episodes that are currently being configured, the plot will mostly focus on another cast. The concept will be the same of course, but the faces will be aimed at a new generation.

The leader of this new group is Lisette Alexis, a little-known actress who, however, was selected as the main protagonist of this new project. It was precisely she herself who shared via Instagram they were officially on day 1 of shooting. The series was only confirmed last year, which means that the whole plan is running smoothly.

In addition to Gutierrez, Catherine Zeta Jones was previously confirmed to have joined the cast. Her role will be that of a billionaire woman who is used to getting everything she wants. Especially when it comes to rare items and hard-to-find antiques. Of course the “lost treasure” is all she wants and she will stop at nothing.

As you can imagine, the series is planned to reach the Disney Plus platform and both the director of the films, Jon Turtletaub, and the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, are involved in the project as executive producers. It was the latter that confirmed the smooth running of the series and also continued intentions of making a third film:

“We hope that the two versions can be given without problems so that we can give you another Legend of the Lost Treasure. They are both very active. The one on Disney Plus is with a younger cast. It’s the same concept, but with a young cast. The one for theaters will be with the same cast. The movie is being written now, and the television version is still in the works. We have a pilot episode already written and also the basis for the following episodes.”

Despite the years, fans are still looking forward to a third installment. It is not yet clear to us if Nicolas Cage would appear in the episodes of the series. However, we do know that the actor is more than willing to return to his role as Benjamin Gates for another movie.

On the last occasion that the actor referred to the project, he tried to explain why he was so late:

“I have not heard anything about it, but I am aware that the scripts of the tapes of The legend of the lost treasure they are very difficult to write because there has to be some credibility as to the facts, since the movies are based on historical events. And on top of that you have to make them entertaining. So it’s been quite a challenge to get the script ready, but they’re still working on it.”

The Legend of the Lost Treasure series does not yet have a tentative release date. Judging by its start of filming, we can infer that it may be one of the platform’s premieres in 2023.

They’re excited?

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