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Have you ever wished you had a twin brother or twin sister and changed your roles, even for one day? Although it sounds like an innocent identity game, in the Mexican movie The king of the party the idea works as a deeper reflection on identity crises and the search for it. But also a reflection on our existential purpose and if we are really comfortable with who we are and with what we have, or do we want someone else’s life? See the trailer and discover everything you need to know about the premiere of The king of the party written and directed by Solomon Askenazi (Twice you)!

What is it about?

In the film we meet Héctor, a man in his fifties who is going through an identity crisis where work and family are his main martyrdom. Instead Rafael, his twin brother, is the opposite of him. He’s much more laid-back, eccentric, and party-loving. But a plane crash, whose victim is Rafael, changes everything. In this way, Héctor decides to assume the identity of his twin brother to experience a new lifestyle and free himself from all the ties that afflict him. However, the consequences of this identity exchange will begin to reveal themselves and will bring shocking consequences for him and for everyone around him.

«A man going through an emotional crisis assumes the identity of his twin brother for a week, thinking that he is dead», (via).

The king of the party has a premise very similar to Twice you, the debut of Solomon Askenazi. Given the thematic similarities (duality) the director made a reflection:

«There are similarities between the two films, I did not make it so conscious but I realized it when I saw them.The king of the partyfollow this line but go deeper into the subject. I am very interested, I think because I am very connected with my spirituality, with sensations and esoteric texts that lead me to these types of stories, this idea that we have two souls inside, one animal, one spiritual, and that it is a power struggle. », (Via IMCINE).


The king of the party is starring Giancarlo ruiz, who gives life to the twins Héctor and Rafael. They accompany him Paulette Hernandez, Daniela Bascopé, Juan Carlos Colombo (The exorcism of Carme Farías), Sea Through, Daniel adissi Y Jose Antonio Toledano (This is not berlin), among others.

«I let Giancarlo [Ruiz] created Hector and Rafael, he designed a formula to define the transformation of the two characters in ten steps and depending on the scene he played he decided: now I am in step six, for example, that I had certain body movements, as Hector is stooped and Rafael is more relaxed; Giancarlo was transforming according to the script. Had one playlist for each scene, depending on the mood —Suddenly during the shoot there were days that Héctor-Rafael did, and he changed very often — he was all the time with the music. There is also a third character, Héctor being Rafael, and it was a challenge for Giancarlo. I think it is a unique performance; maybe there are people who find it exaggerated but have the humor I was looking for », Salomón Askenazi explained to IMCINE about the acting work of Giancarlo Ruiz to give life to the twins.

Release date

The film was part of the 19th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM). Now,The king of the party will have its premiere in commercial theaters, nationwide, from January 20, 2022.

Official poster

Mexican twins game


Giancarlo Ruiz The King of the Party movie
The King of the Party, from Solomon Askenazi premiere in cinemas
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