The House – Everything you need to know about Netflix’s surreal animated anthology


The house is one of the best-known archetypes in horror movies. In fiction, that enclosure -which is supposed to provide us with security- becomes a space of threats and nightmares. Homethe new anthology series and stop motion from Netflix, takes those narrative tropes as a basis to establish a triad of stories that are directly related to the same abode and where the sinister and dark try to threaten us just as they do with their sordid characters.

What is it about?

Home, from Netflix, is a sinister, surreal and black humor anthology composed of three stories connected from the dystopian past, present and future, where its characters are governed by material attachment, the greed of the modern world and the false aspiration of wanting to be and to have. Three authentic stories that refer us to the cinema of David Lynch, Yorgos Lanthimos and Wes Anderson.

And Heard WithinTO lie is Spun

It is the story of a married couple (Raymond and Penelope) with two daughters: Mabel and Isabel. Together they face poverty and criticism regarding their socioeconomic situation, especially their home. Hoping for a better life and determined to get his wealth back, Raymond agrees to move with his family into a mysterious house built by a millionaire architect. The conditions? None, not even money involved. All they have to do is stay in the luxurious house under the arrangements that the architect has. However, Mabel and Isabel soon discover that the architectural designer’s intentions are extremely twisted and it may be too late to escape.

The House The House Netflix

Then Lost is Truth that can’t be Won

For this second episode, anthropomorphic animals take center stage. The main character is a home builder and developer (a rat), whose goal is to finish remodeling a house to be able to sell it and pay all the bank debts that it has acquired with the project. Things get complicated when she discovers that in that dwelling there is a plague of insects that are difficult to eliminate, but that he hides at all costs in order to sell it. Stress, obsessive compulsions and nervousness take over the builder when a pair of vermin shows a strange interest in the house that ends up driving him crazy and revealing his wildest side.

The House Movie Netflix

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Listen Again and Seek the Sun

The last chapter also features anthropomorphic animals: cats in the middle of a devastating flood. The main character is Rose., owner of a huge house that she wants to remodel so she can rent the rooms and earn money. But after the flood, all the tenants left the place except, Elías and Jen, who pay the rent with fish and quartz, respectively. No money, no remodeling, and Rosa can’t do anything but sink into anxiety…

Things change when another cat named Cosmos arrives, who, thanks to his philosophy of life, convinces Elías and Jen to leave their rental home. The news falls like a bucket of cold water on Rosa, who has a marked material attachment to that house, which she refuses to leave. But perhaps her fear of her loneliness makes her drastically change her mind.

Rose The house Netflix

“Through the ages, a poor family, a real estate developer, and a fed up landlady find themselves tied to the same mysterious house in this animated black comedy.”via).

voice cast

Home It has a wide voice cast of actors, but in this one the participation of matthew goode (The Crown; Last night), Helena Bonham CarterMia Goth, Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones) and Jarvis Cocker (Fantastic Mr. Fox).

Release date

Home It is already available on Netflix since January 14, 2022.

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