The Green Lantern cameo we didn’t see in Justice League


Even though the Justice League by Zack Snyder has already been released to the delight of all his fans, there are still some secrets of his inventiveness that have not been released. Probably the last of them, the one that remained to be known, was the Green Lantern cameo that Warner did not allow Snyder. Supposedly at the end of the movie the Lantern would appear to warn Batman about what was to come. Just like Martin Manhunter did in the aforementioned four-hour film.

Actually Green Lantern’s cameo should have replaced Manhunter and the content of the scene was the same. When the studio learned that Zack Snyder was all set for the moment’s inclusion, he quickly reached out to ask for it to be removed. The reason is none other than Warner’s plans to configure a new version of the character that would remain external to his ill-fated Justice Leaguebut that it could easily engage in the other upcoming DC films.

Snyder gladly agreed, but couldn’t help revealing it anyway. Of course, the fans recorded his words in fire and since then they have not forgotten that somewhere in some dusty can, there is a scene in which Wayne T. Carr wears the emerald suit and the ring. Precisely almost a year after the premiere of the film, Carr himself has shared an image of such a moment in his profile of Twitter.

“Give the fans what they ask for JL 2/3,” he wrote as an image company. Of course the actor is referring to Zack Snyder’s intentions to continue his vision of the superhero team. It is no secret to anyone that the filmmaker wants Warner to allow him to continue with his planned vigilante trilogy. Certainly the end of the film is basically a prologue to those plans.

In the end Justice League makes the viewer feel that something is missing. This despite its four hours of duration. One is about Snyder to motivate his followers in the campaign to restore the director’s universe.

Although Warner has already made clear his stance on remaking his own DC universe without Snyder’s ideas, it still wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to be allowed to continue. One of the great advantages of the multiverse that is just around the corner with Flash, is that now in the cinema there can be different narrative lines. Marvel has already explored it with the character of Spider-Man and DC could do it with the help of Snyder.

At most what little we saw of the Green Lanterns courtesy of Zack Snyder, was their contribution in Earth’s first great war against Knightmare. You can already see that scene and the rest of the film on HBO Max.

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