The GIFF 2022 will play “La Quintessence” as the main theme.


This 2022, the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) celebrates its 25th anniversary. As one of the objectives of the contest is to contribute to the cultural cohesion and success of the Mexican film industry, it was decided that La Quintessence be the main theme of this edition.

What is The Quintessence?

It is the element that makes up the soul and the essence of the spirit. This, in the alchemical tradition, referred to the extract of a particle that was separated from the dominant element.

Silver will be the element of celebration. Therefore, celluloid and mineral material, characteristic of the Bajío region, will represent the quarter century of Guanajuato cinema.

With enthusiasm intact, the GIFF will celebrate its anniversary being recognized for its contributions in terms of production and exhibition in the film world. It has also promoted the talent, development and career of hundreds of young people who want to enter the seventh art.

When will the Guanajuato International Film Festival 2022 be?

Unlike 2021, this year the GIFF returns to its usual dates, that is, in summer. In an interview for Millenniumthis commented Sarah Hoch, CEO:

“We are going to celebrate 25 years, we have many surprises, activities and everything we will do throughout these 12 months. We return to our traditional dates, from July 22 to 31. We want to thank IMCINE who always accompany us in our activities in our pranks”.

León (from July 21 to 24), San Miguel de Allende (from July 25 to 28) and Irapuato (from July 28 to 31) will again host the meeting. In 2021, the Festival was held in a hybrid way.

Year after year, the GIFF dedicates its image to innovative concepts inspired by themes, actors or directors. Iceberg (the occult that strengthens and builds) and The Journey (dedicated to movie journeys), are some themes from previous editions.

Anali Jaramillo made the Official Image of this edition, and you can see it below

The GIFF 2022 entry will play “La Quintessence” as the main theme. was first published in Cine PREMIERE.


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