The Envoys – Premiere, trailer and everything about the Juan José Campanella series


Oscar-winning director Juan Jose Campanella returns to the arena of audiovisual productions within our country with a thriller action series with the leading participation of Luis Gerardo Mendez. Here is everything you need to know about The sents, the premiere series for Paramount Plus.

What is it about?

«Two priests who know about medicine, science and law, are dedicated to investigating the supposed miracles that have occurred around the world, (via) ‘.

ViacomCBS International Studios (VIS) and the Argentine director spoke exclusively with Variety to anticipate that the Show, with a total of eight episodes, will revolve around “two men seeking their souls.” In addition to Luis Gerardo Méndez, the cast includes the Mexican actress Irene Azuela (Monarch) and the Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre (Sky Red). While the story will take place in Mexican territory.

In this new original Paramount Plus production, Luis Gerardo Mendez and Miguel Angel Silvestre they give life to two priests of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who are sent to Mexico to verify the miraculous healing of another priest whose whereabouts are unknown. “When they discover a psychiatric community on the outskirts of the city that seems to hide more than one secret about the miracles and the disappearance of the priest, their lives, as well as their faith, will be taken to the limit,” says the synopsis of the project.

On the narrative tone of The envoys, the director behind The Secret in Their Eyes will bet on mixing several genres: mystical, suspense, thriller and comedy. The result promises to be a network of “human stories and the dilemmas that the two priests suffer regarding themselves, society and faith. But that’s not all, because the filmmaker also told Variety that The envoys will delve into the local color to accentuate human relationships and emotions.

«Human emotions and relationships are universal, the same. What is different is the local color, and it is beautiful to unite the local color (what the city looks like, what they eat) with universal emotion.

Juan José Campanella seems to have very well defined plans around The envoys, because he wants the series to become a franchise, where each season takes place in a different country.

Release date

The envoys will arrive in Latin America through the Paramount Plus service next December 12, 2021.

Juan José Campanella and Luis Gerardo Méndez

Juan José Campanella has a filmography that includes films such as Love walked in (1997), same love, Same Rain (1999), The son of the bride (2001), Moon of Avellaneda (2004), the animated film Foosball (2013) and Secret of his eyes (2009). The latter earned him an Academy Award for Best International Film, a Goya for Best Ibero-American Film, a BAFTA for Best Foreign Language Film, and an Ariel Award for Best Ibero-American Film.

For his part, Luis Gerardo Méndez continues to enjoy popularity after having participated in Murder Mystery (2019), Charlie’s Angels (2019) and Half brothers (2020). Likewise, the Mexican actor signed a contract to produce exclusive content for Paramount Plus, through his new production house called Cine Vaquero.

Official poster


The Envoys series premiere
The Envoys Luis Gerardo Méndez series premiere
The Envoys Luis Gerardo Méndez series
Luis Gerardo Méndez Juan José Campanella and Miguel Ángel Silvestre


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