The ending of The Fellowship of the Ring was written at the last minute.


Now that the series the rings of power is on everyone’s lips and is getting closer to being revealed, it’s not a bad idea to remember the film saga that opened the panorama of Middle-earth for millions of people in the world. In said order of days, it is also necessary to remember that what was done by Peter Jackson is sometimes classified as titanic due to the complexity of a project that evolved and was written on the fly. Such is the case of the end of The Fellowship of the Ringwhich was written at the last minute to include a scene that in retrospect is one of his best and most important.

Those who have read JRR Tolkien’s books know literally, or at least have a very general idea of ​​everything that was removed from the film versions, as well as everything that was also added directly from the particular inventiveness of Peter Jackson. . To tell the truth, nobody has a complaint about it, these being considered one of the best film adaptations. However, at this point it would be unthinkable to imagine that one of the warmest moments between Sam and Frodo could not exist.

This is a sequence just before the ending in The Fellowship of the Ring. Frodo has made the decision to continue his journey to Mordor alone, for the sake of the temptation that the ring can mean for the rest and above all because he understands that his mission is so personal and raw that he should not involve anyone else in the dark. twisted that accompanies such a corrupted jewel. Standing on the banks of the Anduin River he starts off in a boat and later Sam catches up with him to demand to be his escort.

The hobbit refuses and continues to work with the oar without imagining that his faithful gardener will jump into the water anyway despite not knowing the skills of swimming. Of course Sam sinks and is about to perish under the pressure of the water in his lungs, but Frodo reaches out his hand to save him at the last moment. On board the boat, both share one of the most emotional moments of their friendship and of the trilogy. A beautiful moment that was not intended for the final cut.

“When Frodo and Sam go off on their own at the end of the first film, that scene wasn’t written until well into production. I mean well into production,” confessed Sean Astin, the unforgettable Sam of the film. “Y [el director] PeterJackson, [y los escritores ] Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens wanted Elijah [Wood] and I went and had a meeting with them, and we were like, ‘Okay, this is new.'”

In the pages written by Tolkien such a scene is present. And although in those the dialogue between the two hobbits is much more extensive, Peter Jackson chose to transmit and condense all that in the performances of both actors, in the emphatic music of Howard Shore, and in a single dialogue that justifies the reckless action of the hobbit. to jump into the water:

‘I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise. ´Do not abandon him Samwise Gammyi. And I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to do it.”

After that, the friends merge into a hug. A hug that is a cinematographic ellipsis at the moment The return of the King where the two experience one last embrace before parting forever. By the way, the image in which Frodo’s hand takes Sam’s to free him from a fateful fate, also resonates with the one in which Sam returns the gesture on Mount Doom.

For these and other reasons, we felt that this was a pivotal scene that Peter Jackson saw fit to include at the last minute. Ultimately for many Sam is one of the greatest heroes of the franchise. “Frodo would not have done it without Sam,” says the first, which will be told in future stories about their odyssey.

In recent days, social networks recalled that just 19 years ago The return of the King obtained the historic figure of 11 nominations for the Academy Awards. Everyone knows the end of that story. A historical sweep that places it among the three most successful films in history. It’s a story worth revisiting too, if you just click here.

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