The director of The Black Telephone changed the ending to the last minute

If a horror movie has caught the attention of the public in recent days, that is the black phone. The film directed by Scott Derrickson met the expectations that were had of it and delighted critics and audience. In addition, it opened with $23 million dollars at the US box office, a very good result considering its low budget. Now that it is one of the most commented films, its director took the opportunity to say that, in principle, the story was going to have another outcome. What would be the true end of the black phone?

WARNING: This note contains spoilers on the tape.

During his kidnapping, Finney is helped by the spirits of the other children who have been killed at the hands of “The Raptor”, a villain played by Ethan Hawke, however, Robin, one of them, has a close relationship with the protagonist. During the first minutes of the film we witness a beautiful friendship between the two, therefore, when Robin is kidnapped, Finney becomes sad and begins to feel that “The Raptor” is getting closer.

Already at the end of the tape, when Robin helps his friend through the iconic black telephone, we not only hear his voice (as happened with the other victims), we also see his ghost on screen. The problem? That said physical appearance was not contemplated. In fact, Miguel Cazarez Mora, the actor who played him, had already flown back home.

In an interview for the promotion of the film, Scott Derrickson spoke about how he solved the moment (via):

“In the script, Robin was not in the room. It was just a phone call. A day or two before shooting, the idea suddenly came to me out of nowhere. It was like, “Oh, the audience wants to see that kid again. We have to see it again. Where is that child? And they (the production), they said to me: “We just flew it home”. And I asked them to bring him back.”

Without a doubt, seeing Robin was a great decision on screen, because not only does he have a believable chemistry with Finney, but it also allowed us to feel even more empathy with the character and the tragic end he had on screen. Seeing him “train” with her friend to end “El raptor” was one of the best scenes toward the end of the film. Derrickson also shares that belief and is proud of the moment achieved.

“I ended up doing it in one take. I think a director always has an antenna to hear what his film really wants to be. If you do that, sometimes you can make decisions that are bigger than you.”

What do you think? Do you think that the “reunion” between these two friends helped improve the ending of The Black Telephone? The film is already available in Mexican movie theaters, and it is practically a must see For lovers of horror and suspense.

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