The Boarding School: The Summits – Trailer and everything about the second season


In February 2021 it arrived on Amazon Prime Video The boarding school: Las Cumbresa reboot from the spanish series The intership, who bet more on mystery and terror. Thanks to the success and the good reviews received, from this April 1 we will be able to enjoy the second season. Ready to unravel the mystery again?

Second season synopsis

The riot that followed Elías’s death outraged the director, who now imposes an even stronger discipline than the one already in place at the center. Furthermore, after Rita’s death, no one doubts that a serial killer, an alleged Raven’s Nest copycat, is responsible for the crimes. However, Amaia, Paul, Paz, Eric and Julio are not going to sit idly by, especially now that, thanks to Adéle, they believe they can find Manuel alive.

Will they arrive in time to save him? Who is behind the laboratory that is carrying out research with humans? And, most importantly, what is the point of all these experiments? For her part, Inés is beginning to remember. It seems that it was no accident that the young woman erased her past with a stroke of the pen. Who is he really? What is it that unites you with León? What is the connection between them and Darío Mendoza?

The team of The boarding school: Las Cumbres

The direction of the second season is in charge of Denis Rovira (The influence) and Mikel Rueda- For their part, the scripts were written by Laura Belloso Asier Andueza, Sara Belloso and Abraham Sastre, that is, the same team from the first season, which will be good or bad depending on how much you liked it.

In the leading cast we meet again with Asia Ortega, Albert Salazar, Daniel Arias, Daniela Rubio and Mina El Hammani (the remembered Nadia from Elite). They are joined by Irene Anula, Nicolás Cazale and Clara Galle (through my window), among others.

The filming of this second season took place entirely in Navarra and the Basque Country,

when you are I ask to Laura Belloso, creator of the series, about what the new episodes contributed, she commented:

“We were very confident that there would be a second season, so we didn’t want to shut it down in the first. In the first season we have dedicated ourselves to launching lures and planting many things, but everything remains to be told and discovered. There are many mysteries that we still want to unravel.”

Will there be a third season of the series? Only time and audience will tell. If you are fans of The iboarding school: the summitsdo not miss the second season, darker and more intense, starting April 1 on Amazon Prime Video.

Here is the trailer for the series:

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