The Black Minutes – Movie Premiere, Cast and Trailer


Director Mario Munoz, who presented his debut Under the salt at the Morelia International Film Festival in 2008, he returns to the prestigious festival with his new feature film The black minutes, a fiction film based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by the writer Martín Solares. The film takes place during the 70s in a Mexico sunk between corruption and police impunity, the flawed political system and crime.

What is it about?

The black minutes follows the story of a policeman named Vicente Rangel (Leonardo Ortizgris), who, amid the corruption that floods his police station, seeks to enforce justice around a series of violent murders whose victims have been girls.

“The murder of a journalist will revive an old police investigation about an individual who killed a group of girls a couple of decades ago”, (via).


In the cast of The black minutes the names of Carlos Aragón (Travolta), Enrique Arreola (Romero), Sofia Espinosa (La Chilanga), Waldo Facco (The Jackal), Kristyan ferrer (El Macetón), Pedro Hernández (Chuy), Héctor Holten (Lucilo Rivas), Mauricio Isaac (Agent Calatrava), Leonardo Ortizgris (Vicente Rangel), Juan Carlos Swirl (Agent Rodríguez), Tiaré Scanda (Lolita), José Sefami (Commander García) and Paloma Woolrich (Doctor Ridaura).

Release date

The black minutes, by Mario Muñoz shines in the Mexican feature film section of the Morelia International Film Festival 2021 the day October 28, 2021. It will also have a presence in the Official Selection of the Morbid Film Fest 2021 the day October 31, 2021. In both cases, it can be enjoyed at Cinépolis theaters.

Official poster


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