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The movies of young love have always been One option for those who are fans of romance. Impossible that become possible, undoubted connections, a cluster of feelings and, without a doubt, a great option to see on a rainy day and eat chocolates … while we suffer with the protagonists.

The interesting thing we found is that many of the youth love movies on this list are based on books. Without a doubt, romantic youth literature has always been very popular, so much so that it was necessary to turn them into feature films. If you are a fan of this genre, these movies You will love it. Do not stop seeing them!

What is your favorite teen romance movie?

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Call me by your name (Dir. Luca Guadagnino, 2017)

One released in 2017, directed by Luca Guadagnino and written by James Ivory. It is based on the novel by André Aciman (2007). It was the winner of the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet) is a 17-year-old boy who lives carefree and spends the summer and parties in Italy with his parents, with whom he maintains a good relationship. One fine day, Elio’s father invites a young graduate student from the United States, Oliver (Armie Hammer), to join him as an intern. Over time the young people become closer. Until they have a relationship so close that it makes Elio’s parents notice and decide to take action on it, asking him to forget about Oliver.

Diary of a passion (Dir. Nick Cassavetes, 2004)

An older man visits a woman with Alzheimer’s in a retirement home every day. There he reads a newspaper to her where the love story of two young people from different social classes is told. Allie (Rachel McAdams), a girl from a rich family with a determined life, vacation in Seabrook, a place where part of the story takes place and her parents want her to marry a man from a good family and they don’t approve of just anyone. One day at the town carnival, he meets Noah (Ryan Gosling), a hard-working, lower-class boy. At first Allie doesn’t care in the least about him. However, Noah manages to ask her out. From there begins what would be a story that is not well seen by those around them.

The kisses stand (Dir. Vince Marcello, 2018)

This is a romantic comedy that has been very successful in recent years and is based on the novel written by Beth Reekles. Follow Elle Evans a girl who loves to do everything with her best friend Lee, they are inseparable. They both decide to put up a kissing booth as part of a school event. What they never imagined is that Elle would end up kissing Noah, Lee’s older brother. From that, she realizes that she has strong feelings for Noah and they both decide to keep their relationship a secret so that Lee doesn’t find out. If this happens, it would completely break Elle and Lee’s friendship. However, everything comes to light …

To all the boys I fell in love with (Dir. Susan Johnson, 2018)

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This is one of many youth love movies that are based on books. It is an adaptation of the books written by Jenny Han. It follows Lara Jean, a girl in love but shy. It is mainly about Lara Jean writing a letter to each of the boys she ever fell in love with. However, she never intended to send them to her, until her younger sister does it for her. Each of the boys received the letter by “accident.” This fact causes a huge commotion inside Lara Jean’s head. It is then that one of the boys, Peter, decides to take this opportunity to make his ex jealous, pretending a relationship with the protagonist. What he did not imagine is that all this farce would end up awakening the feelings of both.

Pride and Prejudice (Dir. Joe Wright, 2005)

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A movie that is based on the book of the same name, written by Jane Austen. It follows the story of a young woman in her 20s named Elizabeth a very cheerful girl and Mr. Darcy, a serious and wealthy young man. Set in the 1800s, it narrates the path of both young people, who met at a dance and from that moment on they continued to meet by chance. The two had an idea of ​​the other that was somewhat wrong, but despite that from the beginning there is an unmistakable connection with which they both struggle, because they never believed they fell in love with such an opposite person. He a little proud and she a little prejudiced, but who would say.

Violet and Finch (Dir. Brett Haley, 2020)

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Adaptation of the novel written by Jennifer Niven, who also co-wrote the screenplay for the feature film. Follow Violet, a high school student who recently lost her sister in a car accident. Since then, she has not been able to overcome the terrible event and thinks every day about taking her own life. One day a boy named Finch finds her standing on a bridge and amicably invites her on a walk.

Finch is a boy who has also suffered a lot in his life, from the constant absence of his mother to the abuse he suffered from his father. With the passage of time and their friendship, young people fall in love. From then on together they try to overcome the pain that each one carries, but when everything seemed to be fine, things take a turn.

Two meters from you (Dir. Justin Baldoni, 2019)

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Stella Grant is a young woman who suffers from cystic fibrosis and is very active on social networks, as she is interested in letting others know more about the disease and her day-to-day life with it. Despite the illness she tries to be as normal as possible. One fine day walking through the hospital, he meets a young man, Will Newman, who suffers from the same disease and is in the hospital to try to kill a bacteria that he has in his lungs. Patients suffering from this disease have to be eight feet apart to avoid infecting each other, as it could be fatal if this happens.

Will doesn’t like to follow the rules, especially the ones that have to do with taking his meds, but Stella is the opposite. So he can’t bear to see Will not follow his treatment and that’s when he decides to help him. With the passage of time they become very close and fall in love. A love that cannot happen without compromising their lives. They can’t touch, hug or anything, just watch from afar. A story that breaks anyone’s heart. What will happen to Stella and Will?

Everything, Everything (Directed by Stella Meghie, 2017)

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This is one of those youth love movies where everything seems impossible. Follow Maddie, a young woman who is ill and therefore lives confined to her home, so her mother protects her from all the viruses she can contract abroad. Maddie falls in love with her neighbor Ollie, whom she can only see through the window and speak to him via text message. Despite the limitations, both come to love each other very much.

Maddie is an imaginative and dreamy girl, she dreams of going out and knows every corner and every place outside. That is why one day tired of being locked up for a lifetime, she decides to escape with Ollie and learn about everything that has been lost, no matter if it compromises her health. In the course of his trip, he realizes a detail that his mother did not tell him and it could change everything.

A love to remember (Dir. Adam Shankman, 2002)

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It follows Landon, a rebellious and carefree boy who constantly taunts Jamie, the good girl at school. One day, after causing an accident, Landon is forced to participate in the school play with the main role. Faced with this, with difficulty he approaches Jamie to ask him to help him since she is also the protagonist in the play. At first she is not willing to help him, however she accepts on the condition that Landon never falls in love with her, to which he accepts without any problem.

Landon only talks to Jamie in private because he doesn’t want to be teased or questioned by his friends, which upsets Jamie. With the passage of time together they both begin to see each other in a different way. When Landon confesses his feelings to Jamie, she tells him that he has leukemia and does not have long to live. Landon decides to stay by Jamie’s side and fulfill all his wishes.

Where hands touch (Dir. Amma Asante, 2018)

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As love stories on film are not easy, we close this list of youth love movies with this film that came out a few years ago. Set in 1944 Germany, this story follows Leyna, a girl with a white mother and a black father who lives every day in fear due to her skin color. And Lutz, who is the son of an important figure in the Nazi forces and who is also part of the Hitler youth. Young people fall in love and because of this their lives are in danger, because at that time it is not well seen. Will they be able to carry out what seems like an impossible love?

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