The best songs of 2021 according to the critics


Despite the great obstacle presented by the pandemic, the music industry continued to move forward. The electronic dance, a pop multi-faceted, R&B and the Hip hop were the genres that topped as the best songs of 2021, this according to prestigious magazines and sites such as The Guardian, BBC Radio, Billboard or The Esquire. From Billie eilish or Bts to greater recognition of alternative bands such as Dry Cleaning: here we leave you the best songs of this year.

Keep An Eye on Dan (ABBA)

The famous swedish group pop returns after 40 years without releasing a new album. Voyage It is the new album that he relaunched this year and kept the famous band in the first places.

Butter (BTS)

We have witnessed the growth of this band of k-pop. At CINE PREMIERE we have tracked him since his boom. In this case the famous South Korean band Bts has positioned itself with Butter in several charts, and it seems that its success is far from having an end.

Driver’s License (Olivia Rodrigo)

One of the revelations this year has been Olivia rodrigo, breaking records both in the UK and globally. She is the only artist on this list that is repeated on the list. Not for nothing does his name appear in any top song of the year.

Peaches (Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)

The return of the Canadian artist was more than successful. It was difficult to choose any of the songs that appear on the tops of specialized sites and charts of various musical media, but Peaches It was undoubtedly the most outstanding success so far this year. Several beliebers They must be excited after their good year.

Atlantic (The Weather Station)

The gender folk It was one of the big surprises for the charts and tops this year. The Weather Station is a Canadian band expert in the genre that emerged in 2006. Ignorance, album containing this single, has been the most successful so far in the band’s career.

Be Sweet (Japanese Breakfast)

2021 best songs

The band of rock Korean-American broke tops after positioning herself with this single, linked to a genre that experts call Indie Shuffle. It is certainly a pleasant surprise to see the style Japanese breakfast to put diversity on top.

Kiss Me More (Doja Cat, ft. SZA)

2021 best songs

Called themselves as a movement queer pop, Kiss me more it was the big hit of the year. Praised for its experimentation and sensuality, the song was included in the top 100 of the best songs from 2021 according to the prestigious magazine Rolling stone.

Leave The Door Open (Silk Sonic)

Bruno mars refreshes the R & B / Soul to bring us this enjoyable single. His duo with Anderson .Paak What Silk sonic it was one of the most important news in the world of music so far this year.

Silk Chiffon (MUNA)

2021 best songs

The first single from the trio who signed with Factory Records, was a hit on the most popular song charts of the year. Munashared his single withPhoebe bridges to bring us a happy and colorful song, concepts that were never related to artists before until now.

Your Power (Billie Eilish)

2021 best songs

The Californian artist continues to give something to talk about. Your power It is their new success, and for many the degree of composition puts into play the rules of the genre folk. Eilish It has earned a name for its experimentation with genres, and this case is no exception.

Good 4 U (Olivia Rodrigo)

2021 best songs

As we mentioned earlier, Olivia rodrigo was a total success in 2021. In this case we interpret Good 4 OR, a song pop-punk that won the sympathy and taste of the public around the world.

Save Your Tears Remix (The Weeknd & Ariana Grande)

The Weeknd It was one of the trends in terms of music. As for the remix of Save Your Tears, we are introduced again to the universe of R&B also accompanied by Ariana Grande.

Levitating (Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby)

This single from electropop with tints of funk It was one of the great successes of the already recognized singer Dua Lipa. With the intervention and rapping of DaBaby, Levitating it was a total success both inside and outside its country of origin.


Also known as Call my by your name, this song with traits of the electro-pop is one of the songs within the main charts recognized media such as BBC.

Hard Drive (Cassandra Jenkins)

Considered within the Sophisti-pop, Jenkins’ single gained recognition on the same The Guardian as in specialized music media such as Spin. Hard drive you can find it in trends of your favorite streaming site.

Transparent Soul (Willow feat. Travis Barker)

This song, full of nostalgia for 80s fashion, is mixed with a punk pop that earned it recognition on the list Billboard. Without necessarily being in a top 10, Transparent Soul it has been discreetly placed on all the charts. Who would say that the daughter of the famous Will Smith would stand out on various charts of the best songs of 2021?

Heat Waves (Glass Animals)

Considered this simple as Pop or Contemporary R&B, the English band of indie rock It was placed with his single as one of the best songs of 2021.

Lastes Trends (A1 & J1)

2021 best songs

Recognizing that this is the first hip hop song of this top, Aj 1 & J1 launched, which until now, is his greatest success. Being recognized this year by the BPI with a platinum record. Without a doubt it is one of the best songs of Hip hop from 2021

Friday (Riton x Nightcrawlers ft. Mufasa & Hypeman)

One of the biggest hits in electronic music this year is undoubtedly Friday. The English DJ and the musical house Nightcrawlers they hit the mark by making a hit along with the virals Mufasa & Hypeman, the latter being recognized by clips and memes. The song was not only a hit in the UK, but all over the world.

Without You (The Kid Laroi)

The youngest artist in this top proved not to be recognized only for his collaborations with the rapper Juice Wrld: Without You it was a total success in England. The BBC recognizes it within his chart as the # 1 song of the year.

The Business (Tiësto)

One of the emblematic Dj’s returned to the charts with The Business. The # 1 Dj according to media such as the magazine Rolling stone he appealed in his video the presence of the comedianCasey frey, highlighted by his videos on social networks. The video consists in the resuscitation of the same Casey to dance to the rhythm of Tiësto.

Wellerman (Nathan Evans)

Nathan evans is recognized as one of the most famous British artists of the indiscriminate ‘alternative genre’. The fusion of marine songs with the folk in a version pop to make this one of the biggest hits in the UK.

Your Love (ATB, Topic, A7S)

2021 best songs

Returning to electronic music, another success that stood out in a discreet but constant way was Your love. The German DJ ATB joined forces with the English DJ Topic and the swedish composer A7s to get this worldwide success.

Calling My Phone (Lil Tjay feat. 6LACK)

The American rapper Lil Tjay formed a duo with Ricardo Valdez Valentine Jr. better known as 6LACK. The song is in the album Destined 2 Win on all platforms for hiphop and hiphop fans Lil.

Scratchcard Lanyard (Dry Cleaning)

2021 best songs

To close with a flourish, we closed with the post-punk band Dry Cleaning. The band has been related to other great ensembles such as Wire or Joy Division. South London undoubtedly demonstrates with Scratchcard Lanyard that punk is not dead.

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