The Batman reveals the funeral scene in detail in an extended preview


The Batman hits theaters on March 3, with The Riddler as one of the main antagonists of the story.

There is less than a month and a half to go until the premiere of batman in the theaters of our country and the handle for this film positions it as one of the great productions of the year.

Robert Pattinson will make his debut as the defender of Gotham Citybut we will also have the appearance of numerous emblematic characters from his universe, including The Riddler. This new version of the villain will be played by paul dano and the different advances made it clear that Batman You will have quite a complex challenge to eradicate it while having to deal with the corruption in the city.

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A new preview released by Warner Bros. shows in detail the funeral scene that we already saw in other trailers, but now completely in detail, to be able to appreciate one of the various plays that we will see from The Riddler throughout the almost 3 hours that the film lasts.

batman It hits theaters on March 3.

The Batman entry detailing the funeral scene in an extended trailer was first featured on AmericanMovies.


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