The Batman: Matt Reeves Describes Deleted Scene With “That” Character


In the movie, the Riddler isn’t the only one posing riddles. Those who have already been to the cinema will not have overlooked that scene of batman where a certain character makes a surprise appearance. However, the original plan was very different and director Matt Reeves shot a sequence about it, which sadly did not make it to the final cut of the film. But the same filmmaker recently provided some details of that omitted moment.

Read on for Reeves’ remarks. But beware, obviously there is spoilers from batman next.

Some days ago, Matt Reeves he referenced that deleted scene from batman in interview with IGN. It consists of the meeting of the Bat Man —played by Robert Pattinson— with one of his insane rivals, whom he confronted and captured at some point in his emerging trajectory as a vigilante, prior to the events shown in the film.

“It’s a scene where Batman is very nervous because the Riddler is writing to him. And he says, ‘Well, why does he write me this guy?’ And he realizes that he has to profile this murderer », says the director. “Then he goes to see another killer that he clearly has had experience with in those first two years. But this killer in this story is still not the character we get to know.”

The murderer in question is the one who will eventually answer to the name of joker. Only in the case of batman, is a mere criminal who has not yet adopted the nickname “clown prince of crime.” Either way, this proto-Joker is played by Barry Keoghan (Eternals), according to what has been rumored for months.

The deleted scene is “almost like in the movie manhunter«, confessed Matt Reeves to TotalFilm (via), referring to that 1986 tape where an FBI agent turns to imprisoned criminal Hannibal Lecktor for help in profiling a serial killer on the loose. It should be noted that, although the last name changes, it is in fact the same Hannibal Lecter from the Thomas Harris novels, which include The silence of the inocents and Red Dragon. Of the latter, manhunter became his very first film adaptation, with Brian Cox (Succession) as the famous cannibal.

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Back to batmanReeves provided more details to TotalFilm of the talk between the characters of Barry Keoghan and Robert Pattinson, which takes place in Arkham Asylum, where the future Joker remains captive.

“Barry says, ‘It’s almost our anniversary, isn’t it?’ And you [como espectador] you think: ‘Who is this guy?’ And that’s why they call him the ‘Invisible Prisoner’ in the movie,” explains the filmmaker. “You’re getting into this psychological horror. He’s getting into Batman’s mind and Batman is trying to understand: ‘Why do you think this guy is writing to me?’ And he says, ‘What do you mean? That you two are the same?’ He is getting into Batman’s mind… Barry and Rob made the scene very beautiful».

The final cut of batman it includes only one scene with the character of Barry Keoghan, who remains in the shadows while talking to Paul Dano (in the role of Riddler) in the final stretch of the film and offers him his friendship.

“Barry is very disconcerting. He’s a wonderful actor and he was really brave,” Reeves said of the Irish actor. “When I started writing this movie, joker [con Joaquin Phoenix] hadn’t come out. She didn’t even know what they were doing joker when i started Joaquin gives an incredible performance. And when we started making this movie, Joaquín had just won the Academy Award. So for Barry to get into this, we were like, ‘Look, we honestly don’t know where this character is going, but you’ll be jumping on this thing which is a tightrope act.’ And he was very brave. He said, ‘I’m ready, man. I will jump’. He was great.”

batman It is currently exhibited in Mexican theaters.

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