The Batman: Duration, Theme Song, and IMAX Details Confirmed


A little over a month after its premiere, many details about batman They have crossed the light. We now know that by its length it will be the longest Batman film to date, that it will be totally worth seeing on an IMAX screen, and that the theme song composed by Michael Giacchino stands with ease and dignity alongside the classics created by Michael Giacchino. Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer.

It is probably the most anticipated movie that Warner and DC have this year. Despite the fact that it does not belong (supposedly) to its so conflicting cinematographic universe, it seems that the fans await the project with such devotion, that it almost seems like a good idea for the studio to give up its intentions to create shared universes.

What’s more batman It will reach the public with certain peculiarities that check the boxes of several first times. For example, perhaps the most talked about among the many novelties revealed, is that the Matt Reeves film will be the longest approach to Batman to date. It was confirmed that its duration will be almost three hours (via) which also makes it the third longest-running superhero film in history.

It will be two hours and fifty-five minutes that we will spend in the movie theater, once the film opens. This means that it is located behind avengers endgame, which lasts three hours and one minute. However, first place goes to Justice League by Zack Snyder with his four hours and two minutes.

In terms of overcast Gotham City, no doubt batman is now the character’s longest film. Prior to his arrival the place was occupied by Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece. Dark Knight It lasts two hours and thirty-two minutes.

Riddle inspired by a serial killer

On the other hand, its director has also concluded (via) that his (long) vision for the film perhaps got a little out of hand, because in his opinion it almost looks like a horror film. In addition to this, he also spoke about his particular look at the character of the Riddler, which was directly inspired by the Zodiac, one of the most famous, shady and mysterious serial killers in history.

“This idea of ​​a place that’s corrupt, and where you’re trying to swim upstream to fight it and make a difference, is quintessentially Batman,” Reeves explained. “And at the center of those film noir stories is almost always the detective, right? And that’s why he’s the best detective in the world. And so this story is, in addition to being almost a horror movie, a thriller and an action movie, but at its core, it’s also a detective story.”

On the Riddler he continued: “The premise of the movie is that the Riddler is cast as some sort of Zodiac killer, and they’re killing very prominent figures in Gotham, and they’re the pillars of society. These are supposedly legitimate figures. It starts with the mayor, and then escalates from there. And in the aftermath of the murders, it reveals the ways that these people weren’t all that they claimed to be, and you start to realize that there’s some kind of association. And so, like Woodward and Bernstein, you have Gordon and Batman trying to follow the clues to try to make sense of this in a classic detective story way.”

IMAX format and the music of Michael Giacchino

Matt Reeves shared through his Twitter account that he was recently able to see his movie in an IMAX room. He praised the format and assured that batman looks and sounds amazing in those rooms.

Despite the fact that the film was not shot with IMAX cameras, in any case, we have no doubt that seeing it in that room will be the best way to experience it. batman was shot with Arri ALFA cameras, a device that uses large-format anamorphic lenses, giving the film a 2:39:1 aspect ratio, as opposed to the 1.90:1 format used by IMAX.

As for the sound, the film was mixed to reach the rooms, equipped for it, with the much talked about Dolby Atmos. Reeves also visited one of these theaters to see what his film will sound like when it reaches audiences.

Just yesterday, Water Tower Music shared what will be the official theme song for the film. The composition is the brainchild of Michael Giacchino, in charge of creating the score for the film and a faithful collaborator of the director. They have worked together since Let me in, cloverfield, and the two deliveries that the director configured on the saga Planet of the Apes.

“My brilliant friend Michael Giacchino wrote this song long before I shot a painting of The Batman. I still remember listening to it in my car with Dylan Clark before we headed off to screen Robert Pattinson. We both had chills.”

The Batman will hit theaters on March 4, although it is likely that in our country this will happen a day earlier, due to the traditional Thursday of premieres. You can listen to the composition of Michael Giacchino below, a worthy contribution to the musical universe of Batman.

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