The Batman director explains why Pattinson didn’t change his voice for the character


It doesn’t matter if you love her or hate her, no one can deny that Batman It was a complete success at the box office. Its $750 million dollars raised worldwide back it up. Regardless of who plays him, one of the most important and curious aspects for fans is the character’s voice. Many were surprised when they realized that Robert Pattinson did not change his voice for Batman. After the digital release of the film, we finally have the statements where the director explains why it was so.

Since Pattinson was announced as the new Knight of the Night, many fans of the character and detractors of the actor cried out in heaven. That if he was very skinny, that if he didn’t have the necessary body, that if he wasn’t a good actor… anyway. Now that many of us have been able to enjoy the film, the opinion seems to be unanimous: Robert Pattinson is a great Batman.

Beyond the suit, the fighting movements and his relationship with the other characters, one aspect that caught the attention of this Batman was the voice. In other versions, such as Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, it is very noticeable that there is an attempt to hide Bruce Wayne’s voice when he becomes the bat. In the Matt Reeves tape it was not like that.

The voice of Robert Pattinson as Batman

As reported TheWrapduring the director’s comments you can see the answer to the mystery of why Robert Pattinson’s voice is the same in Batman and Bruce Wayne.

“I knew I didn’t want to do a Batman like the ones that have been done before, with that growl that we’ve seen. If you’re going to do a detective story, Batman will have a lot of dialogue scenes. When you look at all the movies, Bruce may have a lot of long dialogue scenes, but Batman’s dialogue scenes are short and controlled.”

Basically, since the character spends most of the movie in the hero’s costume, the audience had to empathize more with Batman than with Bruce Wayne.

“The need to solve this crime was going to require him to have long dialogue scenes in that suit and some of them are very emotional. If he was growling, we wouldn’t be able to connect with him emotionally. So there was some real exploration to figure out how to make that work.”

Although the decision may seem controversial, the end result was quite promising. We not only saw a true evolution of the character during the almost three hours of film. We’re also left hoping to see a truly epic franchise.

Batman It is available now on HBO Max.

The Director of The Batman entry explains why Pattinson didn’t change his voice for the character was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.


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