That sword David Harbor used in Stranger Things is Conan’s

stranger things and David Harbor managed to make their way to Conan the barbarian. The series is famous for its references to culture pop and the music of the eighties. reason that some props, sounds and aesthetics of the time are recurrent. However, this time the creatives and the production team went one step further.

If you have not seen the end of the fourth season of the series, we recommend you stop reading here. Warning made, if you watched the last episode you will remember that epic moment where Hopper gets the chance to kill one of the demormogons. The character spent most of his time locked up in a Soviet prison, but in the end he had his moment of glory.

With sword in hand, the character faced the creature and managed to cut off first one of its arms and then its head. The sword that he held, of course, is seen as a clear reference to the one that Arnold Schwarzenegger carried in the films of Conan the barbarian, but what no one knew is that the artifact used is nothing less than the original. This was revealed by David Harbor through his profile on instagram.

“Nerdy alert. The accessory that appears at the end of episode 9 is the Atlantean sword from the CONAN movies. A lovely fan found an image from when it was set in episode 7 and used by an unlucky inmate who met an untimely death near the cells next to our gladiatorial pit.

Most exciting though, is that the sword given to me by ST’s amazing prop department (reveal it yourselves so I can credit it) is THE REAL SWORD that was used in the filming of both CONAN movies. It was very heavy, and it was a great honor to wield it. @schwarzenegger – I’m ready to accept your notes on my technique.”

It seems that Harbor is a favorite of the production. He even revealed that he already knows the ending of the series. Same that will come with his next season. Truth be told, the actor found out about it thanks to his “impressive ability to tire people out with his insistence.”

Insistence aside, the histrion also explained that it was important information that he had to know to trace the correct path of his interpretation. Hopper’s entire narrative arc is now in his possession, along with a few other characters.

“I believe that [el final] It varies from person to person, character to character, and I’m such a specialist in bullying that I think I’ve brought it up to them,” Harbor said. “It’s been back and forth like, ‘What’s wrong with Hopper? Is he a character that can survive Hawkins or does he die? Now I know what happens and it’s quite moving and very beautiful.”

It was recently made public that the creators of stranger things They intend to share the grand finale of this story with the public in 2024. That means two more years without the inhabitants of Hawkins and their mysteries.

For now the two volumes of the fourth season are already available on Netflix. Although surely, you have already seen them.

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