Televisa-Univisión merger approved to create new streaming platform


Last April it was announced that Televisa and Univisión were planning a content merger to interfere as one more offer in that so-called war of the streaming. The main mission of those two companies: to start creating original content and attract audiences through content exclusivity. The goal is closer now that the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) has given the green light to such a merger.

At statement published by the IFT it is read that the constitutional body «resolved to approve the concentration by means of which Univision Holdings II, Inc. will indirectly acquire the capital stock of Televisa, SA de CV, an economic agent that participates in the business of production, distribution and licensing of audiovisual content in Spanish within Grupo Televisa, SAB ».

Among the points of analysis that the IFT took into account to approve this alliance are the production and licensing of programs for restricted channels and for their distribution through platforms. streaming.

  1. Production, provision and licensing of audiovisual content (programs) to aggregators
    (programmers) of channels for restricted television and audio service or voice services,
    restricted television and audio (STAR);
  2. Production, provision and licensing of audiovisual content (programs) to suppliers of the
    commercial digital broadcast television service;
  3. Production, provision and licensing of audiovisual content (programming channels,
    channel and program packages, including movies and series) to service providers
    Internet distribution (Over the top in English -OTT-) of audiovisual content;
  4. Provision of the OTT distribution service of audiovisual content supported by advertising, and
  5. Provision and sale of spaces for commercial messages or advertising through OTT digital service provision systems, including digital platforms, for the distribution of audiovisual content, and Internet sites associated with channels and programs broadcast on open television and restricted television.

The IFT also assured that «No anti-competitive effects derived from the Operation are expected in the coincidence activities of Univision Holdings and Grupo Televisa«.

Likewise, it was detailed that Televisa will retain ownership of the telecommunications and broadcasting concessions in the national territory. This includes the channels that are programmed by Sky and Izzi “And advertising that they have the right to market.”

The infrastructure of Televisa and Univisión

Currently, Televisa has 4 open television channels; 25 cable television channels (Izzi and Sky); Televisa Radio; Editorial Televisa and its service streaming Blim. While Univision has 10 pay television networks; 63 television stations in the US; 58 radio stations; as well as PrendeTV (streaming) and Univision NOW (via The Sun of Mexico).

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