Tarantino, the script and Banderas were ready, why did they cancel the Django and Zorro crossover?

In 2019, during the promotion of once upon a time in hollywooddirector Quentin Tarantino seemed to have secured his new project. It was an adaptation of the comic written by himself with Matt Wagner. This featured a crossover of Django and Zorro, characters who would lead a revolution among an enslaved indigenous community.

One would think that after the economic success of once upon a time in hollywood and win some Oscars, Sony would greenlight the project. Even Tarantino was already working on the adaptation with Jerrod Carmichael, and Antonio Banderas showed interest in participating in the project. All the elements were aligned, but 3 years later, it is less and less likely that we will see on screen the crossover from Django and Fox. What happened to get it cancelled?

Apparently, the pandemic was one of the reasons this ambitious project never came to fruition. The studios were not sure what the state of the film industry would be after the contingency; therefore, it was decided not to bet on films that were not guaranteed economic success. And worse still: it seems that the crossover Django and Zorro was not going to be a cheap movie.

Jerrod Carmichael, one of the screenwriters of the failed project, recently spoke to GQ Magazine on what could have come of that story:

“Quentin (Tarantino) is a lunatic that I love, and I’m glad I spent time with him. He read me scenes that never made it into his movies after making me fresh-squeezed lemonade in his kitchen. The script that came up for Django/Fox it’s really amazing. I would love for Sony to find out, but I realize the impossibility of doing so. I still think we wrote a $500 million dollar movie.”

That budget is probably an exaggeration. However, it is obvious that an action adventure like the one planned would require a high budget. As reference, once upon a time in hollywood It cost “barely” $90 million. Tarantino’s approach would definitely have been worth watching, but it’s perfectly understandable that he would back down from making it.

Would you have liked to see a crossover between Django and Zorro? Do you think there is any chance of seeing it on screen?

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