Talisa García will be the first trans actress in a Lucasfilm production


Talisa Garcia, a British actor of Chilean origin, has been signed by Lucasfilm for one of his upcoming television series. In this way, she will become the first openly transgender actress to collaborate with the prestigious production house, responsible for the successful franchises starwars and Indiana Jones.

Talisa Garcia in the series baptiste (2019)

According to dead lineLucasfilm summoned Talisa García as part of the cast of Willowa new series live action which will soon arrive on the platform streaming DisneyPlus. The project is inspired by the 1988 fantasy film of the same name, directed by Ron Howard, about a young farmer who is tasked with protecting a baby girl who is being stalked by an evil queen who wants to destroy her.

At reboot television, the plot will advance on a different line. The Serie Willow It will be about a princess who embarks on a journey to find her missing twin brother. According to the report, Talisa García will play the mother of both, in the role of the Queen. And in this way, the British will also become the first trans actress to assume a cisgender role in an original content of Disney Plus.

On the other hand, dead line affirms that García will have few dialogues. At the end of the day, she points out, she could only appear in one episode of the show. However, this does not lessen the immense enthusiasm of the interpreter. “I feel very blessed and honored to be part of the family Willow. This is literally the definition of ‘a dream come true’.” wrote on his Instagram account.

In the same publication, Garcia says that as a child, she always daydreamed about being a princess or a queen in a fantasy world, as a way to cope with the pain of growing up in the wrong body.

“Here I am, all these years later, being a queen in a magical Lucasfilm and Disney production,” she continues. “That wild and fantastical land where I used to disappear in search of escape and comfort is now a reality. So, from one dreamer to all the others, don’t stop! Dreams come true. Reach for those stars and eventually you’ll find yourself flying higher than you ever thought you could.”

Talisa García comes from participating in the third season of the dramatic show The Girlfriend Experiencewith Steven Soderbergh as executive producer.

Talisa Garcia in the series baptiste (2019)

the tv series Willow will see the return of Warwick Davis as the eponymous sorcerer he played in the ’80s movie. Also included in the cast are Erin Kellyman (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) and Tony Revolori (Spider-Man: No Way Home).

With Ron Howard and Kathleen Kennedy as executive producers, the show does not yet have an official premiere date.

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