Surprise! John Williams composed a theme for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series


It seems that the (recently) nonagenarian composer celebrated his birthday no less than in the recording studio composing for star Waryes And it is that new reports affirm that John Williams has composed the main theme for the series Obi-Wan Kenobi. Which without a doubt has added about thirty lines of interest to an already exciting project.

The information comes directly from Variety, who also revealed some details about the recording of the music. Williams worked in the studio with an orchestra from Los Angeles for the past week, under tight security. Supposedly the involvement of Williams in the music of the series will be solely for the composition of the central theme.

This means that it will be some other composer who will be in charge of musicalizing the entirety of the eight episodes that make up the series. But yes, taking as a starting point the new theme composed by Williams. A situation similar to what happened with Solo: a story of starwarswhere our dear John composed the main theme of the tape, but left the rest of the task to John Powell, who was up to the task.

The return of John Williams for Obi-Wan Kenobi It has all the sense of the world. The composer has been in charge of musicalizing practically the nine episodes of starwars for the cinema. Other films such as the aforementioned Solo and rogue one They have not had the same luck, but in those cases it was Powell and Michael Giacchino who took on the task with quite optimal results.

Something that draws a lot of attention about this news is the indirect return of Williams to television. “Good John” hadn’t approached composition for that medium for decades. The last time he composed in form for a dramatic series was in 1985 with The Amazing Stories. In addition to this, she has composed themes for some programs such as the Olympic Games or NBC news programs that are still on the air.

Other non-film related but related projects where he has worked include themes for theme parks at Disneyland. Specifically in the theme park Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which opened in 2019 and closed shortly after due to the pandemic. For this work, Williams won a Grammy that is counted among the six that she has exclusively for working on works in the house starwars.

His birthday was celebrated on February 8, a reason that makes us suppose that he broke his cake and blew out the candles, surrounded by instruments of a Los Angeles orchestra. We cannot imagine a better way to celebrate his 90th birthday than surrounded by colleagues in the composition of a new theme for starwars.

Despite his age, Williams doesn’t seem ready to stop. He already works in the music of The Fabelmans, another alliance that agreed with Steven Spielberg. In addition, he is already committed to music for the fifth installment of Indiana Jones, which will be directed by James Mangold.

The Serie Obi-Wan Kenobi It will arrive on the Disney Plus platform on May 25.

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