Strong language, beheading, and violent fights in The King’s Man trailer

Amid a difficult year for movie releases, filmmaker Matthew Vaughn’s film The King’s Man is set to hit theaters, with a seventh release date. The popular film series Kingsman received a prequel in this movie, bringing viewers back to the beginning of the first film. Now, due to the first Red Band trailer, which will be included in the movie, we have a clearer picture of what will occur. The video features a beheading, which seems like a bloody good time.

During the time in which Millar’s World War I graphic novels took place, World War I serves as the setting for the majority of The King’s Man. Amidst a plot that puts the global stage at a tipping point, Orlando Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) and his apprentice, Conrad (Harris Dickenson), will have to use all their intellect to avoid being sucked into the murky world. And although we are joined by Gemma Arterton and Djimon Hounsou, who portray our agents, we will most certainly need further assistance from other agents in the field.

Part of the plan, which includes some of history’s most notorious villains, such as Grigori Rasputin (Rhys Ifans), is being executed right now. The partnership that was successfully featured in Kingsman films (as shown in the footage of The King’s Man trailer above) of the witty and vulgar sides to a story are again evident as seen by Rasputin’s banter with the Duke of Oxford, which is followed up with an articulate response. While we suppose such things might help, they may be overkill because we get to see Djimon Hounsou decapitate a guy. Gemma Arterton ordering everyone to “stop fucking about,” which all helps to make that particular sword sharper.

The King’s Man is somewhat of a disappointment, given that, in addition to Ralph Fiennes interacting with his adversaries and dressing down in the latest fashions, it also has action. Matthew Vaughn’s newest addition to the Kingsman franchise takes some of the concepts introduced in The Golden Circle, as the trenches of battle and devices such as swords with tiny guns within them, and updates them. In addition, you’ll note from the epic Rasputin sword battle at the New York Comic-Con panel in 2019 that parts of it have been re-shot to showcase even more glorious sword work.

The King’s Man will become a massive theater production due to the critical and commercial success of Free Guy, and the production’s distribution will also be expanding. It also seems like it’s paying off since it is the opposite of what we’ve seen from their last film and this red band extravaganza. Another interesting feature is that The King’s Man will be in 3D cinemas. If you’re a lover of the 3D aesthetic, this movie has a lot to offer you.

In cinemas on December 22nd, it will be The King’s Man, which is ready to make the fans of its parent series feel like Christmas has come early. Though it’s OK to daydream about the future, it’s also wise to look at the release calendar since instant pleasures are coming out next year! So, whether you are considering an excursion or want to see a movie in your neighborhood, you should remember that manners constitute a moviegoer.


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