Steven Spielberg Talks About Directing a Western: “Maybe I’ll Give Me Spurs”


Hollywood’s “young genius” has dabbled in countless genres during his fifty-year career. From the monster movie from Shark and the sci-fi from Close Encounters of the Third Floor, going through the adventurous saga of Indiana Jones and period dramas like The color purple, to use comedy with The terminal, without forgetting his works of a warlike nature as Saving Private Ryan… However, there is certainly an area that, as a director, Steven spielberg remains unexplored and that’s the western. On the other hand, the septuagenarian filmmaker does not rule out soon wearing spurs and a cowboy hat.

In an interview with Kevin Polowy of Yahoo! Entertainment, Steven Spielberg was faced with the question of whether there is a film genre for which he has not made a film yet, but which currently generates interest. It should be noted that the reason for the talk is West side story, which in addition to being his most recent film as a director, is the first musical title of his entire filmography.

“I was asked that question for the last forty years of my career, if not longer, and I always said that a musical was the only thing I hadn’t done. What I forgot to say, that I’ve never done and [que resulta] the only genre that I have not yet addressed, is the western«, Commented the Oscar winner. “Then, who knows, maybe one day I will wear spurs«.

The interviewer immediately joked that Spielberg was now going to receive “fifty proposals” for a western film. But the surprising thing is that there are already some ideas in the oven, as revealed by the prolific director. “I have some [proyectos] in development right now, but who knows which one will jump to the front row. I do not know”, he specified in this regard. Could one of the following titles by the filmmaker actually lead us to the Old West?

For the time being, Spielberg exploited —for the first time— the musical theater within him thanks to the upcoming West side story, which in Latin America we better know as Love without barriers. This novel version of the eponymous and emblematic staging features Ansel Elgort (Baby driver) and newcomer Rachel Zegler (Shazam! Fury of the Gods) in the leading roles. It tells the story of two young people in love with New York, in the fifties, who try to stay together in a world of discord between street gangs.

Its premiere in Mexican theaters is scheduled for December 9.

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As we await further updates on a possible Steven Spielberg-style western, let us remember that the acclaimed director continues to craft a future feature film with autobiographical genre overtones. The film in question will have the title The Fabelmans and is currently in post-production, with no release date yet.

With a cast led by Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen and Paul Dano, the project takes inspiration from Spielberg’s childhood in Phoenix, Arizona.

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