Steven Spielberg criticized for comments on The Squid Game


steven spielberg intended to applaud the exploits of the miniseries the squid game, Netflix’s South Korean hit. However, her words found countless detractors on social networks.

The director’s original statement happened in the run-up to the 33rd edition of the Producers Guild Awards, which took place on March 19. Spielberg aspired to the highest award for his musical Love without barriers; an award that finally fell into the hands of the producers of CODA. But hours before the award ceremony, the Oscar winner participated in a panel of nominees, where he brought up the most watched show of the red “N”.

It happened that during that discussion table, the importance of movie stars in a casting was discussed. And Steven Spielberg, with an eye on the platforms of streamingasserted that the squid game came to change the rules of the game. Why? Because, in his opinion, this dramatic miniseries showed that you don’t need big-name actors to make a resounding success.

«the squid game shows up and changes math completely for all of us“explained the filmmaker. “A long time ago, it was the national stars who attracted the public to the cinema. Today is interesting. Unknown people can star in entire miniseries and they can be in movies.”

the squid game, released in September of last year, continues to be the most popular series in Netflix history. In its first 28 days, it racked up around 1.65 billion hours watched globally, according to the metrics of the red “N”. On the other hand, based on its own methodology, the Nielsen Ratings reported that, in the United States alone, 16 billion minutes of content were viewed throughout 2021. In this way, the squid game became the second most successful program of the year in that country, only behind Lucifer (via dead line).

That said, perhaps Spielberg was only talking about the show’s reception in the United States, where the vast majority of viewers were undoubtedly unfamiliar with the South Korean cast. However, several netizens assumed that the director falsely branded the actresses and actors of “unknown persons” the squid gameboth inside and outside the United States.

“I am very upset about Steven Spielberg’s comment about the cast of the squid gameculture and entertainment writer Regina Kim wrote on Twitter (via). “Seriously, we Americans need to look at the world around us and stop being so full of ourselves. We are already falling behind in many areas and entertainment could be next.”

In the same thread of tweets, Kim recalled that the miniseries includes several actors who are highly recognized in many parts of the world. Give an example to Lee Jung-jae, interpreter of the main character and one of the most popular actors in South Korea. In his words, “an icon of Asia.”

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Sociologist Nancy Wang Yuen (a specialist in the representation of race and ethnicity in the audiovisual medium) did not keep silent about her criticism of Spielberg either. “Correction: the squid game It proves that Hollywood is far behind in recognizing and celebrating the stories and talent of South Korean film and television.” wrote on Twitter.

Within the same social network, there are many more comments that follow the same line: highlighting that the Netflix series is not made up of entirely unknown talent and that Spielberg exhibits a very closed gaze, focused purely on what Americans know and what they don’t. What do you think?

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