Stephen King left the movie theater with Transformers

Stephen King confessed that only once in his adult life did he leave a movie theater and that happened with Michael Bay’s Transformers. Despite the fact that the author is dedicated above all to literature, he regularly allows himself to share his opinions on the audiovisual world. Through their social networks this time he didn’t stop his hand by divulging his distaste for the autobot saga.

It all happened because another colleague in his field, author Linwood Barclay, said that Jurassic World Dominion it earned the distinction of being the only film with which it has left the room, after many years of not doing so. Then Stephen King responded to the publication stating that throughout his adult life, the only movie that has motivated him to throw in the towel has been transformers.

In case you were wondering, later the author assured that he was referring to the very first installment of all. And it is that the saga of the alien robots kept the tempo for long enough, as to reach the mark of five films. Even Michael Bay, who directed each and every one of them, agrees the joke went on for too long.

“I did too many of them. Steven Spielberg said, ‘Just stop at three. And I said I’d stop,” Bay previously commented, when he recounted Spielberg asking him to stop the Transformers. “The studio begged me to do a fourth one, and then that one made a billion too. And then I said ‘I’m going to stop here. And they begged me again. I should have stopped. But they were so much fun to do.”

The drop in quality experienced by the saga paid off when Paramount stopped the saga in its tracks. However, the only thing they stopped was the hand of Michael Bay, since they themselves plan to set up a new trilogy with new actors. Transformers: Beasts Awaken will tell a new story with actors such as Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback, Ron Pearlman and Peter Cullen.

Hopefully Paramount has learned from their mistakes. However, if Stephen King prefers not to watch transformers Fortunately, you have many other options. He recently praised the most recent episodes of stranger things. He claimed that the penultimate episode of the fourth season was so good and so emotionally painful that he was almost afraid to face the final chapter.

Previously also praised horror drama series midnight mass. That was designed by Mike Flanagan and the author considered that it was “a dense and beautifully photographed horror story that rises to a high level of horror by the seventh and final episode”. Both that and stranger things You can see them on the red «N» platform.

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