State of grace- Premiere and everything you need to know about the series


Corruption, political impunity and drug trafficking are some of the topics that frame the controversial history of State of grace, a 2009 series directed by the Ariel Award-winning Mexican filmmaker Carlos Bolado (Colosio, the murder; 2012) and Carlos González Sariñana. Next, everything you need to know about this production that is already available in streaming.

What is it about?

State of grace is a 13-episode series that tells the story of Congresswoman Julieta Toscano (Karina Gidi), who presents an initiative to legalize drugs as a measure to combat drug trafficking, dismantle the power of the cartels and end the violence generated by war against drug trafficking. But faced with such a proposal, Julieta Toscano’s personal and professional life will change radically.

The series is a stark portrait of corruption rooted in the cartels, politics, and civil society. Likewise, impunity, injustice and the role of the media around drug use are questioned.

“Everything that informs, educates or tells true stories helps people to become more aware of the problem. If the debate (of the legalization of drugs) has been so open, the series is in a good moment, “said Carlos Bolado to Chicago Tribune in 2012.


In addition to Karina Gidi (Goodbye) in the leading role, they accompany her Raul Mendez, Daniel Martinez, Lisa owen, Adam Canto (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Enrique Singer, Sara Cobo, Alejandra Toussaint, Arnulfo Reyes Sánchez, Miguel Sagaz, Andrés Montiel, Orlando Moguel, Verónica Falcón, Felipe de Lara, Keyla Wood and Alejandro Belmonte.

Release date

State of grace premiered on the Blim TV platform on November 21 of the current year.

The series premiered on June 4, 2012 in the United States on the Cinelatino pay channel and on August 1 of the same year on Channel 11.


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